How to Buy WinSPC Envision


Contact WinSPC Sales at +1 248.357.2200 or email [email protected].  They can help you to define your solution or connect you with a regional reseller near your manufacturing facility.

WinSPC is licensed based on concurrent usage.  A purchase of 25 licenses, for example, permits up to 25 users to use the software simultaneously.

See WinSPC Envision System Requirements.

A customer’s initial purchase of WinSPC Envision includes the WinSPC Envision web server and one or more blocks of concurrent-user licenses, each block consisting of 5 licenses.

Additionally, an installation and 4-hour introductory training package may be purchased. This helps ensure your WinSPC Envision system is installed correctly and launched quickly. It also helps to ensure that your users are properly trained and get the most out of the system.

As usage of the system grows, supplemental 5-license blocks are available for purchase.

For customers with large usage expectations, a corporate license, which permits unlimited usage, can be negotiated.

Finally, custom views can be developed by the WinSPC team for you–views that tailor WinSPC Envision to your specific performance metrics.

Contact WinSPC Sales for pricing on any of the above offerings.