6 ERP ONE Webinars You Can Look Forward To

June 26, 2024
3 min read

We’re excited to announce an upcoming series of 6 webinars dedicated to Distribution One’s ERP ONE. These webinars are designed to help you maximize the value of your ERP ONE system. We can’t wait to connect with our customers throughout these webinars, so watch out for updates!

Upcoming ERP ONE Webinars

1. ERP ONE+ Administrator Course

This comprehensive course will delve into the various types of licenses available in ERP ONE+ and their corresponding program permissions. Attendees will learn how to set up printers and configure warehouse settings. Additionally, the course will cover audit reporting setup, providing insights into data and user activity within the software. This webinar is a must-attend for administrators looking to optimize ERP-ONE+ to its full potential.

2. Importing Material into ERP ONE+

In this webinar, we will explore the mass importing of items and pricing setups within ERP ONE+. Attendees will gain an understanding of configuring future field update parameters to ensure successful imports. This course is essential for administrators who handle large volumes of data and need efficient import processes.

3. Batch Reporting Setup in Windows and ERP ONE+

Batch reporting is a powerful tool that can automate ERP ONE+ reports directly from your company’s email. This webinar will guide you through the whole setup process and includes how to save report parameters to ensure specific data is displayed in your automated reports. Our batch reporting webinar is perfect for companies looking to streamline reporting workflows.

4. Mobile Applications Setup

This webinar covers the essential setup of ERP ONE+ licenses, such as assigning licenses via your mobile.distone.com admin portal. Our Distribution One expert will provide typical sync setting examples and demonstrate how to configure mobile order entry, the mobile delivery app, and mobile CRM. Come to this webinar if you want to learn how to leverage your mobile capacities with ERP ONE+.

5. Located Inventory Setup

At this webinar, attendees will learn how to set up location and lot details for inventory items within ERP ONE. We’ll explore various programs to enable these settings and implement located detail setups that keep warehouse material information updated in your system. This session is essential for administrators and inventory managers looking to improve accuracy and efficiency of their ERP system.

6. WACNT (Warehouse Count) Procedure in ERP ONE

The final webinar in the series will focus on book and cycle count procedures using the WACNT runcode. Attendees will learn how to use the import tab function in the WACNT program to access different open counts and ensure proper processing steps are followed to update data efficiently. We recommend attendance from those who are responsible for maintaining accurate warehouse counts.

We built this 6-part webinar series to help our ERP ONE customers get the greatest possible value out of our software. Stay tuned as we unveil more details about these webinars in the upcoming weeks. We look forward to your participation and to helping you to unlock the full potential of ERP ONE!