Innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Complete Visibility

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Eliminate Costly Errors While Optimizing Resources Across Your Supply Chain

Keep up with modern-day expectations to buy, fulfill, and return anywhere with warehouse management software (WMS) built for modern manufacturers and distributors. Advantive’s comprehensive WMS solutions provide the tools to create, execute, and track the location, quantity, and quality status of raw material across your entire supply chain—while reducing errors and quickly processing orders and fulfillment seamlessly across multiple warehouses and sales channels.

Increase Inventory Accuracy

Access real-time insight into inventory movement across your operations to identify stock shortages or surpluses in both single and multiple warehouse environments.

Boost Profitability

Eliminate time-consuming errors, product losses, and re-ships with well-defined warehouse processes that deliver unprecedented ROI within weeks.

Experience Paperless Operations

Go digital with mobile scanners and automatic system generated task lists like sales orders to be picked, user-specified spot checks and bin transfers, and more.

Drive Operational Efficiency with Omnichannel Warehouse Management Software

Fine-tune your warehouse operations with our ERP-integrated WMS software. Our state-of-the-art warehouse systems provide smart picking, guided put-away with location slotting, cycle counting, automatic bin stock and replenishment, mobile scanning with confirmation and easy product and location lookup, as well as dashboard reporting and analytics.

Tracking material warehouse locations, control of batch sizes, and movement throughout your facility is a vital part of the traceability story. Eliminate the need for annual plant shutdowns and dramatically improve inventory accuracy with Advantive’s cycle counting functionality. Operating alongside daily order fulfillment, this tool gets rid of errors from manual stocking, reduces the burden on warehouse staff, and provides more accurate counts of faster moving items.

  • Suggest daily cycle count activities based on product velocity, ranking and workdays remaining
  • Pause cycle counts for employee vacation or other activity
  • Coordinate cycle counts by item velocity, bin range, vendor, and more
  • Take advantage of extensive report options, automated general ledger entries, and historical cycle count activity

Fulfill sales orders more efficiently with intelligent task management and pick routes. Split large orders, batch orders by delivery route, or use the job queue feature to evaluate user task lists and manually assign jobs using simple drag and drop. Store products in optimal locations with system-wide visibility that displays the location of any item. Improve stocker efficiency using an intelligent workflow that provides direction from receiving to bin replenishment to order staging.

Use your mobile scanning devices across warehouse operations. Scan to look up product status and locations as well as to confirm workflow pick accuracy, put-away locations, and shipping confirmations.

  • Scan product, bin, or sales order to initiate a lookup query
  • Look up bin locations and in-transit information including on-hand, available, committed, and on PO
  • Ensure the pick accuracy of each item
  • Confirm item put-away location
  • Ensure accurate shipping through picking scans and shipment confirmation

Warehouse travel time is an expensive variable cost. It is virtually invisible and extremely expensive if allowed to go unchecked. With Advantive’s WMS solutions, you can quickly realize full shipping visibility through custom truck routes, advanced shipping notices, and automatic inventory updates.

  • Manage truck stops within routes and digital delivery signatures
  • Easily access customer shipping labels, packing lists, detailed or summary delivery truck manifests, HazMat documentation, bills of lading
  • Automatically post shipments and update inventory in transit, or optionally complete real-time invoicing
  • Integrate with UPS WorldShip, FedEx ShipManager, and Endicia for the US Postal Service

Gain detailed insight into every aspect of your warehouse with custom-built reports, dashboards, and KPIs that allow warehouse managers to better allocate resources and ensure your warehouse is running at peak efficiency. Highlights include:

    • Automatic system-generated dispatcher job/task lists that include sales orders to be picked, user-specified spot checks and bin transfers as well as system-assigned checks to resolve discrepancies
    • New Task notifications on a device with manager timeout
    • Extensive WMS activity audit trail
    • Count variance reports and value changes
    • Picker, stocker, and warehouse KPIs, dashboards and reports
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