Automated Shop Floor Management and Control Software to Improve Productivity

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Increase Efficiencies While Capturing Shop Floor Data

To maintain a successful, profitable production line, manufacturers need complete control and visibility into their shop floor. At Advantive, we offer all-in-one shop floor management software to organize and optimize all the key components of your shop floor, from raw materials and equipment to quality control and storage.

Reduce Bottlenecks and Errors

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks at the floor level with automated data entry, visual scheduling, and more.

Increase Plant Productivity

Make life easier for your shop floor operators with mobile tools and a seamless flow of information at each step of production.

Improve Product Quality

Instantly monitor and review real-time data across your shop floor operations to identify issues and make decisions.

Maintain Complete Operational Visibility with Shop Floor Control Software

Experience unprecedented visibility into your production operations with automated shop floor management software from Advantive. From resource scheduling to mobile accessibility, our solutions are customizable and scalable to fit the complexities of your business.

Streamline data collection with touch-sensitive monitors that provide fast and easy real-time production floor reporting by job, employee, and machine with just the press of a finger.

Reduce labor costs, improve team communication, and streamline production planning with Advantive’s shop floor control software. Our solutions include user-friendly functionality like interactive charts and drag-and-drop functionality to visualize production and align planning with resource availability, production requirements, and customer demands.

Gain the advantage of comprehensive cost tracking and analysis so unexpected surprises can be dealt with immediately before they become a larger problem. Our shop floor management solutions allow you to track actual production costs of in-progress jobs and compare costs against estimates and past performance.

Effective shop floor software provides production managers and operators with real-time performance data, quick reference dashboards with customizable KPIs, and a platform to launch corrective action. Our robust solutions also include dozens of standard reports that show machine backlogs, variances, efficiencies, work in process values, material usage, and more – where data can be analyzed by product line, product category, job number, machine, and charge code to isolate unprofitable operations.


The Benefits of Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection

VIA IT’s automotive industry solutions have allowed us to automate some of the most complex manufacturing processes imaginable without writing a single line of code. By focusing on configuration rather than customization, we have been able to rapidly deploy reusable solutions and continuously add value to our organization.

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The addition of InfinityQS to SanDisk’s existing system infrastructure gives us a significantly more responsive and effective production environment. InfinityQS has proven vital in resolving issues we didn’t even know we had.

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Find out how our customers are reducing errors, streamlining production, and increasing visibility across the organization with shop floor management software from Advantive.

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