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Transform Your Manufacturing Data into Profitable Decisions

Consistent, reliable data is the bedrock of manufacturing optimization. Stay ahead of constantly changing consumer demand and aggressive competition with Advantive’s manufacturing analytics software. We offer a selection of reporting and business intelligence tools that connect with your existing systems, unify your financial and operational data, and provide one version of the truth for reporting, demand planning, and decision-making.

Improve Production

Regular monitoring of products, processes, and quality control provides the insight you need to keep manufacturing running smoothly.

Control Costs

Gain visibility into quality, process capabilities, and variations across your entire supply chain to reduce waste, scrap, and rework.

Predict Demand

Determine the source of overruns, downtime, lost productivity, and excess inventory—and quickly adjust to meet market trends.

Boost Your Bottom Line with Integrated Manufacturing Reporting and BI Software

Take control of the data you already have to connect your operations, optimize your resources, ensure product consistency, and drive innovation. Using Advantive’s real-time reporting and analytics software, manufacturers around the world are harnessing their data to make smarter, faster decisions that result in growth, productivity, and bigger profits.

Create standard and ad hoc financial reports with Advantive’s powerful ERP-integrated reporting and BI solutions. Our software includes out-of-the-box financial reporting for manufacturers with drill-down capabilities, data visualizations, and more.

The ability to analyze historical data from all your processes and product lines and gain true enterprise visibility gives you unprecedented operational insight. Feeds, speeds, temperatures, weights—get all the metrics you need to make strategic decisions with our manufacturing analytics software. We provide specialized reporting tools and manufacturing metrics to track performance, identify specific areas of waste, and pinpoint opportunities in production.

Help management to understand the impact of actions and business decisions by monitoring manufacturing-specific key performance indicators (KPI) such as production volume, downtime, costs, return on assets, OEE measurements, and more. Our reporting and analytics solutions include the ability to create, customize, and share business dashboards across your organization without any technical knowledge required.

Advantive offers a variety of data management platforms and tools designed to collect, analyze, and visualize real-time information from different data sources and multiple databases effectively. With automated data collection and data warehousing solutions, we can help you build a solid infrastructure for accurate business intelligence and reporting.

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