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Flexible MES Technology for Every Manufacturer

VIA IT’s premier MES software is built to optimize and transform manufacturing operations across any industry. By enabling the movement from manual paper-based processes to more intelligent, automated systems, VIA IT can help you streamline operations, improve traceability, and limit exposure to product recalls. With effective process management, product tracking, and shop floor automation, our systems can improve production efficiency, provide meaningful business insights, eliminate room for error, and enable the better utilization of resources.

Decrease waste and inventory on hand while increasing productivity and profit margins with VIA IT. Our MES software includes order execution functionality you need to optimize flow through your product lines and configure OEM requirements across your operations to maximize availability and ROI. Helpful features include:

  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Sequencing
  • Build-to-Order Processing
  • Broadcast Receiver: Translates your OEM requirements and provides them to the production lines for execution.

VIA IT offers configurable platforms deliver locally-hosted and clock-packing applications at your fingertips. With no-code customization, you can easily control your packing and printing with or without IT infrastructure. Packing features include:

  • Built-in error proofing
  • Serialization to solidify control of material identifications
  • Import or modify your existing label definitions
  • Flexible packaging requirements for batch or serialized material
  • Built-to-order pack sequencing
  • Customizable options to fit your unique manufacturing needs

Our MES software includes integral reporting and analytics functionality, including pre-built dashboards, custom KPIs, real-time shop floor performance data, and access to a platform to launch corrective action.

VIA IT’s warehouse management system (WMS) provides the means to create, execute, and track the location, quantity, and quality status of raw materials within a warehouse. Tracking material warehouse locations, control of batch sizes, and movement throughout your facility is a vital part of the traceability story.

Create a digital twin of each and every product produced, in order to maximize yield and stop manufacturing defects before adding more value. Gather and associate in-process as-built product identity, inspection results, parametric data, and tooling information to achieve multi-level content tracking of products, sub-assemblies, ingredients, environmental variables, and chain of custody.

VIA IT’s supplier sequencing vital flow functionality enables build-to-order as well as pick-and-pack ordering to streamline production, reduce inventory, lower costs, and increase profits. Parts can be built to order by either a single part number or as part of a part family or configuration.

Achieve Unparalleled Results with Advantive

As part of Advantive team, we are unmatched in delivering outstanding services and support for our entire suite of VIA IT manufacturing products. When it comes to VIA IT solutions, expertise means years of experience applying critical business, process, and systems knowledge to a wide array of manufacturing circumstances. We’re committed to helping you meet all of your requirements in terms of scope, time, cost, and quality. Whether we are providing software support, implementation services, or best practice consulting, you can rest assured that our experts are looking out for your best interests.

Expert Guidance

Expect straightforward resources and advice from our veteran industry experts, who understand your challenges and the importance benefits an MES system can provide.

Reliable Support

Advantive is committed to providing high-quality support and quick responses from our dedicated team of VIA IT software and manufacturing industry professionals.

Extensive Training

Our solutions focus on providing users with better visibility and efficiency, and we provide substantial training resources to ensure your staff can hit the ground running.

Highly Configurable to Fit Your Manufacturing Needs

VIA IT offers industry-leading functionality with a pragmatic solution delivered by practitioners who understand the manufacturing industries and shop floor operations. Our solutions have an open integration model, allowing you to connect to a wide variety of technology systems, PLMs, SCM tools, and ERPs. Our Software is developed from the ground up to be business unit agnostic—giving you full control over your organization’s technology stack.

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VIA IT’s automotive manufacturing solutions set the industry standard in traceability and sequencing software for the plant floor. In my opinion, it is the one product that all others should be compared to.

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