Specialized Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to Increase Uptime

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Track Every Detail of Your Manufacturing Operations

To keep up with mounting pressures to increase production and decrease costs without sacrificing quality, successful manufacturers are leveraging manufacturing execution systems (MES). Designed to gain better visibility over their operations and maximize production efficiency, MES solutions allow you to accurately track, manage, and control the flow of production, from raw materials and resource scheduling to inventory and finished goods.

Reduce Operational Costs

Save money on inventory, transportation, and storage with real-time insight into performance across your entire manufacturing operation.

Improve Quality Control

Track and optimize product quality with real-time data and insights into materials, processes, and bottlenecks.

Increase Utilization

Maximize product flow and asset utilization to increase uptime and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Optimize Production Efficiency with Consistent MES Software for Manufacturers

At Advantive, we offer advanced MES solutions for every industry, vertical, and type of manufacturing. With vital features like automated production planning, shop floor data collection, and quality management, our software is designed to eliminate manual data entry, reduce costs and downtime, increase throughput, and drive business value across your manufacturing facility.

To gain a completive edge and comply with industry regulations, you need to know exactly what went into each and every product. Our MES solutions include critical product and lot traceability functionality to track the progress of your products and their genealogy, maximize yield, stop manufacturing defects, and add value across the production cycle.

  • Part tracking
  • Parametric data capture
  • Central authoritative trace
  • In-process data collection
  • Traceability and genealogy

Advantive’s manufacturing executive software generates realistic production schedules by balancing labor, material, and equipment resources. Our solution integrates scheduling and maintenance to optimize product flow and performance by scheduling, timing, and sequencing activities based on priorities and resource capacity.

Get the most out of shop floor production with an integrated MES that offers automated data collection, process map creation, and workflow optimization. By capturing defects as they occur at the point of failure and accurately tracking production flow, our standardized manufacturing execution solutions are built to eliminate human error, reduce waste, and increase productivity across your operations.

Our MES solutions provide the real-time data visibility and traceability required to make informed decisions and react to changes as they happen. With custom manufacturing reports, dashboards, and KPIs, Advantive’s specialized software helps you analyze trends, solve problems, and optimize performance in any environment.


3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Must Invest in a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
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VIA IT’s automotive manufacturing solutions set the industry standard in traceability and sequencing software for the plant floor. In my opinion, it is the one product that all others should be compared to.

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Matt Warren

Traceability Manager

Kiwiplan provides us with the visibility and critical information we need to analyze and determine profitability at the item level. This accurate flow of information from customer service to the factor floor has also helped us eliminate costly mistakes and identify potential problems sooner.

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Brad Albright

President and CEO

VIA IT’s automotive industry solutions have allowed us to automate some of the most complex manufacturing processes imaginable without writing a single line of code. By focusing on configuration rather than customization, we have been able to rapidly deploy reusable solutions and continuously add value to our organization.

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Jason Kennedy


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