3 reasons why manufacturers must invest in a Manufacturing Execution System

July 10, 2017
2 min read

The modern manufacturer is judged by its ability to operate efficiently while reducing costs and maintaining quality. Properly applied, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) like VIA’s Vital Plant allows a manufacturer to analyze data in greater detail to improve processes. Here are just a few of the reasons to invest in a MES.

Process Consistency

Our Vital Plant MES allows manufacturers to move into a paperless environment that increases the security and consistency of procedures. MES provides instant access to SOP’s, BOM’s, recipes, genealogy and other data that would otherwise take time to search for.

Improved Productivity

Our Vital Plant MES gives a company the technology to help balance material, equipment and personnel between the available resources of the company. Resources are also more efficiently utilized through the implementation of a common schedule. Companies can often achieve a more optimized workflow even if a project timetable is complex because of the reduced human error and increased accessibility of reports and shared information.

Increased Quality Assurance Measures

Our Vital Plant MES allows comparisons between different sets of production metrics. KPIs and other data that might have caused an undesirable result in the past can be quickly accessed and analyzed. Production data can also be easily formatted for interdepartmental assessments. Easily translatable data helps a company understand which parts of a process require more research. Processes are also monitored automatically on a continuous basis. This constant monitoring alerts decision-makers to issues as they happen rather than having to wait until the effect of a malfunction shows up later in the process chain.

There are certainly many other reasons to invest in MES, but the immediate benefits you will see in the above three areas provide plenty of ROI for the investment. If you are looking for less error-prone processes and faster workflows, an MES like our Vital Plant is definitely the way to go.