Dynamic Inventory Management Software for Manufacturers and Distributors

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Synchronize Inventory and Demand Across Your Supply Chain

Effective inventory management streamlines the ordering process and save costs by balancing inventory levels with customer demand. At Advantive, we offer specialized manufacturing and distribution inventory management software to accurately track and manage items along all stages of your supply chain—from raw materials to finished goods.

Track Inventory Levels

Integrated inventory software can help you categorize inventory, keep a precise stock count, save carrying costs, and simplify purchasing.

Forecast Market Demand

The ability to analyze performance, leverage trends, and capitalize on demand will drive impactful decisions and real results.

Increase Order Efficiency

With accurate insight into inventory and demand, you always know what’s in stock and how much to order to satisfy customers and avoid stockouts.

Increase Efficiency with Manufacturing and Distribution Inventory Management Software

Take control of your supply chain with Advantive’s scalable inventory management software tailored to fit manufacturers and distributors of all sizes and complexities. Our proven solutions are designed to monitor inventory, categorize products, automate data entry transactions, improve inventory turnover, and reduce operational costs.

Lot tracking is an important function used by manufacturers and distributors to manage the location and movement of inventory more effectively. Our inventory management solutions include specialized lot traceability functionality that provides the real-time visibility required to save costs and increase product quality. Our software allows you to run a simple inquiry to show the on-hand quantity, the manufacturer’s lot number, the purchase order number, the date purchased or received, the country of origin, compliance certifications, commodity codes, and harmonized tariff codes from a specific lot.

To combat variable supply and demand, Advantive offers comprehensive purchase order functionality with our inventory management software. From real-time replenishment calculation to interactive purchasing dashboards, your purchasing staff will be able to respond quickly to customer demand as it is occurring. This allows them to:

  • Identify and correct unusual demand
  • Plan for recurring orders
  • Optimize seasonal, sporadic, and slow-moving product shifts
  • Re-balance warehouse overstocks
  • Get real-time vendor purchase summaries

Turn purchasing managers into inventory control experts with Advantive’s demand forecasting tools. With powerful forecasting algorithms and intelligent demand analysis, our inventory management solutions identify unusually high or low product demand outliers and suggest a correction to the forecasted demand for that product, allowing you to accept, adjust, or reject the correction. They also include the ability to:

  • Increase inventory turns and order fill rates
  • Categorize products into recurring, sporadic and seasonal demand types
  • Automatically suppress products with slowing demand
  • Easily adjust your inventory overstock criteria

Regular monitoring of products, processes, and quality control provides the insight you need to keep your manufacturing and distribution business running smoothly. Advantive’s inventory management solutions include real-time data collection and configurable reporting functionality to help you easily view stock levels, availability, ‘in-transit’ status, open orders, purchase orders, backorders, branch transfers, and returned goods on one easy-to-read screen. With advanced business intelligence and accurate insight at your fingertips, you will be able to make smarter business decisions, respond to changing demands, and maximize your ROI.

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How to Grow Customer Trust Through Inventory Control

By utilizing InfinityQS to implement SPC and Six Sigma best practices across our manufacturing processes, Ben & Jerry’s will continue to identify opportunities for cost savings and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. The result is the perfect pint for our customers.

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Quality Supervisor

VIA IT’s automotive manufacturing solutions set the industry standard in traceability and sequencing software for the plant floor. In my opinion, it is the one product that all others should be compared to.

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Traceability Manager

With Kiwiplan MES software, we have created plant-specific business rules and customized the solution to fit our exact paper packaging needs. It has helped us increase visibility across all facilities and stay competitive in difficult market conditions.

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Executive Vice President

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