Integrated Production Control Systems (PCS) Made for Growing Manufacturers

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Meet Quality Standards While Maximizing Production

Effective production control is the cornerstone of every manufacturing operation, regardless of industry, size, or level of complexity. With an integrated production management system, manufacturers have the powerful tools required to track materials, optimize scheduling, manage quality, and drive improvements.

Automate Scheduling

Easily schedule and adjust your plan manufacturing facilities based on backlog, order characterises, and a wide range of manufacturing constraints.

Reduce Downtime

Reduce bottlenecks by leveraging built-in lean manufacturing, OEE, JIT, and TOC best practices.

Increase Throughput

Identify and correct inefficiencies across your production’s workflow to minimize waste, downtime, and costs.

Drive Process Improvement with a Modern Production Control System

Advantive’s manufacturing production software solutions focus on one thing: results. Our scalable production control systems are highly configurable and include the real-time data and tools you need to meet traceability requirements, reduce costs, optimize production, and improve on-time delivery.

Determine what jobs to produce, what quantity to make and when with Advantive’s flexible production control system for manufacturers. Our scheduling software allows you to view the plant schedule in real time along with setup, material, and tooling requirements. It automates scheduling across your manufacturing operations based on demand, backlog, machine utilization, and other manufacturing constraints so you can plan loads and manage the shipping process more effectively.

Our production control systems include the capacity planning functionality required in the manufacturing industry to optimally manage resource allocation across your shop floor. With a better understanding of materials, labor, and machines, you can streamline production processes, optimize inventory, speed the time to delivery, and increase profitability.

Reduce errors by eliminating manual data entry on your shop floor with advanced quality management functionality. Our production management solutions are designed to continuously track and monitor every part of your production process to streamline inefficiencies, drive improvements, and reduce costs.

Our PCS solution provides the specific reports, dashboards, and KPIs required to monitor results, identify trends, filter information, and drill down to source data. With real-time data access and end-to-end visibility into plant performance, everyone from your executives to production managers can quickly readjust production planning and make informed decisions that impact profitability.

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