Accessible Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) System to Enhance Sales

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Align Inventory Levels with Customer Demands

In the B2B wholesale and distribution world, vendor managed inventory (VMI) is a win-win strategy for both vendors and buyers. VMI systems are designed to help you manage, maintain, and optimize your inventory while reducing carrying costs and risk – which is why successful companies like Walmart and Amazon leverage it.

Lower Carrying Costs

Decrease your excess stock and eliminate the cost of storing and maintaining it with a more accurate view of inventory and product demand.

Get Access Anywhere

Ease the stress of restocking with our VMI mobile app, which provides a complete picture of inventory and automatically places orders based on minimums and maximums.

Strengthen Collaboration

Reduce risk and enhance the supplier-distributor relationship with real-time data sharing, optimized inventory, and reliable, consistent replenishment.

Cutting-Edge VMI Software for Modern Distributors and Wholesalers

As seasoned veterans in the distribution industry, Advantive delivers highly specialized solutions to meet the unique supply chain needs of our customers. Our modern VMI system includes all of the functionality required to predict demand, communicate effectively, lower inventory levels, and maximize profitability.

To make VMI work successfully, vendors need to know when to replenish their buyers’ inventories. Our software includes the real-time inventory data required to share your sales and demand forecasting data with your vendors. With accurate visibility and insights into stock levels, sales patterns, and demand forecasting, you can better predict inventory needs and customer orders. Our VMI solution also includes Intelligent Demand Analysis to evaluate the historical sales data of each product in every warehouse and categorize products into recurring, sporadic, and seasonal demand types.

A crucial element of every vendor managed inventory system is its ability to accurately track the amount of product received, stored, and purchased. Advantive’s specialized VMI software includes essential planning, order, and inventory management functionality necessary to streamline and simplify your entire supply chain and get the most value from your VMI contract.

Competitive distributors require advanced business intelligence systems that let them see and act instantly on all of the performance metrics, costs, and data insights. Our VMI software includes specific inventory and purchasing reports and dashboards, intuitive drill-down capabilities, and easy-to-understand KPIs for actionable analysis.

Distinguish your business as a customer service leader with our leading-edge VMI mobile capabilities. We provide your team with anytime, anywhere access to stock availability, easy quote and order creation, and real-time sales performance dashboards directly from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Manage local inventory by scanning and counting or scanning and entering an order quantity
  • Use real-time text search to instantly view precise inventory, planned replenishment and customer-specific pricing
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