Standardized Quality Management System (QMS) Built for Manufacturers

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Meet Customer and Regulatory Compliance Standards with Ease

Product quality can make or break your manufacturing company’s success. That’s why you need a reliable quality management system (QMS) in place. At Advantive, our QMS solution provides a formalized platform that accurately tracks product specifications, documents processes, manages industry regulations, and helps you consistently meet quality standards.

Reduce Waste

Eliminate paperwork and manual processes to define test requirements and record results.

Improve Quality

Automatically prompt operators on the floor to perform required tests at the right time.

Build Trust

Improve product quality and reduce waste, returns and customer complaints.

Powerful QMS Software to Improve Product Quality and Consistency

At Advantive, we focus on providing accessible technology that drives transformational outcomes for manufacturers. Our specialized quality management systems include the tools and functionality you need to collect, test, and inspect products, meet customer and regulatory requirements, and ultimately, produce the highest quality products.

Our quality management software is integrated throughout your entire manufacturing facility to provide complete operational visibility. As information flows from one department to another, decisions can be made automatically to improve quality, productivity, on-time delivery, efficiency, and more.

Manage quality test requirements and results locally, regionally, and corporate-wide with our flexible QMS software.

  • Define quality test requirements electronically for specific plants, plants within a specific region or your entire corporation.
  • Establish tests for specific jobs, customers, specifications, board types, paper, or other manufacturing characteristics.
  • Ensure all results are recorded promptly with a Transmission Link (XMT) to testing devices capable of providing test results electronically. Some testing devices test or measure every item produced. Others even photograph every defect and/or each and every item tested.

Improve internal compliance with QA test plans and ISO requirements. If tests are skipped or results are not recorded, notification is recorded accordingly. When jobs are completed, documentation of results (including COCs and COAs) can be printed and/or emailed to appropriate parties. Because accurate results are recorded directly on the factory floor, you have the ability to respond to customer complaints and product returns with factual data. Having access to test results in real time also enables quality managers and others to examine and evaluate test results prior to shipping inferior products.

Optimize and reduce raw material and finished goods inventory. Eliminate costly material outages. Analyze what-if scenarios and market trends using multi-plant and corporate forecasts. Plan a group of similar production facilities or regional plant groupings to analyze and optimize material usage. Utilize tactical and strategic planning tools to manage long-term business strategies and more.

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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Cloud-Based Quality Management Solution

By utilizing InfinityQS to implement SPC and Six Sigma best practices across our manufacturing processes, Ben & Jerry’s will continue to identify opportunities for cost savings and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. The result is the perfect pint for our customers.

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Nina King

Quality Supervisor

We have made numerous investments in technology to help support our quality initiatives, and InfinityQS SCS allows us to bring everything together. We can now assimilate data from different systems and device locations into one centralized hub for easy analysis and decision-making.

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Jack Kraemer

President and COO

I would recommend PQ Systems to any company that needs to gain control over their gage measurement system and have the confidence to be in compliance when it comes to ISO and AS auditors.

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Facility Manager

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