Intuitive Statistical Quality Control (SQC) Software for Manufacturing

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Increase Efficiency by Monitoring Process Outputs

Before manufacturers can improve quality, they need to measure. At Advantive, we offer statistical quality control (SQC) software to monitor and manage quality across your shop floor—ensuring that each product meets regulatory requirements and customer specifications. Although similar to SPC software, our SQC tools measure outputs instead of inputs and provide the essential data that leaders need to make process improvement decisions.

Prevent Product Defects

Detect production errors as they occur, halt the manufacturing process, and alert you before it is too late.

Meet Exact Requirements

Armed with real-time data, your quality managers can alter specific aspects of your production as required based on statistical analysis.

Increase Production Efficiency

Easily analyze quality data to optimize processes, minimize waste, and uncover significant savings.

Prevent Product Recalls with a Reliable SQC System for Manufacturers

To continuously improve manufacturing processes and minimize variability during production, SQC software gathers data from a specific sample size of a product and analyzes its performance statistics. By monitoring process outputs, our real-time SQC system helps you understand production value and can change the way you approach quality.

SQC software enables the collection of relevant, meaningful quality data in real-time at specific points along the production or assembly line. Line operators and plant floor managers can also access this detailed data in real-time to make instant adjustments to the quality of products.

To meet the diverse needs of manufacturing quality control, our SQC software includes different methodologies to monitor and maintain the quality of products. One method of SQC is acceptance sampling, which can be used to randomly inspect a sample of goods. A decision is made to accept or reject a batch of goods based on the results of the sample.

Another method of SQC is statistical process control (SPC), which uses graphical charts or visuals to determine whether a process should be continued or adjusted to achieve desired quality. SPC control charts are foundational quality control tools and figure prominently in Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma efforts. Control charts are used in a variety of ways, but on the shop floor, operators use them as a means of assessing, controlling, and ensuring the consistency of manufacturing processes. By controlling processes, operators can minimize significant process changes that can result in off-quality products. Our highly configurable control charts will ensure that you have the best control chart for detecting the right type of variation, resulting in reduced defects and greater process consistency.

Data collected over time can be rolled up and accessed through a centralized unified data repository, enabling quality professionals and facility supervisors to meet some of the most important objectives of statistical quality control: supporting continuous improvement over time and revealing opportunities for cost savings, reduced waste, improved workflow, and greater efficiencies. At the top level, Six Sigma professionals and executives can use historical SPC data for predictive analytics, comparing quality control data across lines, products, processes, and sites to determine where performance is highest–and where improvements can yield dramatic improvements in profitability.

Interactive Guide

What is Statistical Process Control (SPC)?

Learn everything you need to know about SPC software and quality management in our exclusive interactive online guide.

We have made numerous investments in technology to help support our quality initiatives, and InfinityQS SCS allows us to bring everything together. We can now assimilate data from different systems and device locations into one centralized hub for easy analysis and decision-making.

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Jack Kraemer

President and COO

InfinityQS was the piece we needed to elevate our already strong processes and move toward manufacturing targets. We run to target because that is what our consumers want—and because it costs the company less due to the efficiencies SPC creates.

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Ian Farrell

Quality Manager

The addition of InfinityQS to SanDisk’s existing system infrastructure gives us a significantly more responsive and effective production environment. InfinityQS has proven vital in resolving issues we didn’t even know we had.

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Regional CIO

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