Accurate Manufacturing Quoting and Estimating Software

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Put Together Accurate Quotes Quickly and Easily

Quickly generate quotes using shop floor costs and past estimates with Advantive’s specialized manufacturing quoting and estimating software. Designed to increase quoting accuracy and close more sales, our manufacturing estimating software integrates directly with your existing ERP or MES software and creates quotes based on real-time material prices, labor costs, current capacity, and other variables.

Lower Production Costs

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your estimates by tapping into historical data and leveraging standardized pricing.

Increase Traceability

With better visibility into the supply chain, you can easily review past estimates and pinpoint problem areas.

Improve Profit Margins

A faster sales cycle with fewer errors translates into better margins and satisfied customers who keep returning.

Streamline Quote-to-Cash with Quoting Software for Manufacturing

Advantive’s robust manufacturing quoting and cost estimating software provide the real-time visibility and automated workflow management features you need to save time, reduce errors, and shorten conversion cycles. Flexible and easy to use, our solutions can accommodate any complex configuration, BOM, or pricing rules.

Reduce manual quote creation and eliminate human errors with rules-based data entry, automated approval workflows, and centralized data that you can trust. With our manufacturing quoting software, your sales team can quickly and easily create an accurate quote based on real-time pricing and information across the organization.

Increase efficiency from quote-to-cash with workflow management. Our manufacturing quoting and estimating software includes electronic document scanning and signature capture to help you automate workflows, reduce costly and time-consuming manual processes, and evolve into a paperless operation.

There’s no room for guesswork when it comes to quoting and estimating in manufacturing. Our solutions include cost analysis and price optimization functionality designed to help you find the right price that will attract customers, increase profits, and maximize sales. By defining prices based on inventory, demand, historical data, and market forces, you can easily set up rules for standard pricing, promotions, and discounts.

Most manufacturers today use multiple systems to make ends meet. At Advantive, we offer a wide range of specialized ERP, MES, SPC, and third-party integration solutions for manufacturers that fit your unique requirements and seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure.

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