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How to Improve Manufacturing Operations with Real-Time SPC Software

With the right Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, your data can provide actionable information to improve performance, reduce production costs, optimize product quality, and increase consistency across your manufacturing operations. Learn more by exploring our interactive online guide to SPC software and quality management.

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Ensure Quality Across Your Entire Supply Chain

InfinityQS is the leading global provider of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software solutions for manufacturing optimization. Powered by our advanced SPC analytics engine, our cloud-based and on-premise SPC solutions capture and centralize critical production data, enabling manufacturers to get extraordinary value from their data to optimize performance, improve process capability, enhance productivity, and make smarter decisions. Our manufacturing solutions are also highly configurable, with enterprise, multiple-site, and single-site solutions available to fit the needs of simple to complex manufacturing environments.

InfinityQS solutions are designed to help you improve quality, processes, and compliance across lines, sites—or the entire enterprise. Our trusted software is used by manufacturers to gain visibility into process capability and variations to reduce waste, scrap, and rework, improve yield and utilization, and make plant-floor operations more efficient and productive.

  • Capture Real-Time Data Across Your Organization: Consistent, reliable data is the bedrock of manufacturing optimization so it’s time to ditch the paper, spreadsheets, and manual data entry. With InfinityQS, you can automate the collection of process and quality data from across your plants and manufacturing lines. And when data is centralized and unified, you get anytime, anywhere access to information from any process or site.
  • Unify Quality Data for Easier Access: With InfinityQS, all your data is stored in a central, unified location rather than in separate data silos spread across the enterprise. As a result, processes and quality are in control—and data analyses are more comprehensive and complete.
  • Improve Process Evaluation: When you understand the capability of your systems and processes, you can optimize their quality and performance. InfinityQS solutions provide the means to access that insight—across one line, an entire site, or multiple sites. Access historical data to see trends over time and more easily track down process issues before they become serious problems.
  • Accelerate Data Analysis: Automated data collection and aggregation make the analysis of your enterprise-wide data faster and easier. Add flexible, automated reporting capabilities and the advice of our expert analytical experts, and you’ve got unbeatable insights into your operations.
  • Improve Decision Making: The ability to analyze historical data from all your processes and product lines—true enterprise visibility—gives you unprecedented operational insight. Feeds, speeds, temperatures, weights—get all the metrics you need to make strategic decisions.
  • Monitor Supplier Quality: To make a great product, you need great materials. Supplier delays or raw material interruptions can spell disaster for your production timeline. With InfinityQS, you can analyze the quality and consistency of your raw materials and suppliers as well as your finished product.

Gain confident control of internal and external product specifications, policies, and regulations while improving traceability and simplifying audits. Whether you need to comply with government regulations, meet customer specifications, or simply aim to exceed industry quality control standards, InfinityQS solutions include built-in features to make your work easier.

  • Meet Lean and Six Sigma Requirements: Process improvement methodologies like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing rely on solid data-collection plans and operational insight. InfinityQS gives you the ability to collect, aggregate, and analyze process and quality data to meet the demands of such programs.
  • Improve Traceability and Reduce Recall Risk: The ability to find any part or focus on any process is a must for reliable traceability—and in turn, can help to prevent or reduce recalls. But how can you expect agile, flexible responses to data queries when half the work of gathering or locating data is still being done on clipboards and in spreadsheets? InfinityQS solves this problem with automated, responsive capabilities that simplify collecting, aggregating, and analyzing data, enabling you to find the information you need, easily and swiftly.
  • Simplify Audits: InfinityQS quality and process optimization solutions provide automated, customizable, enterprise-wide quality- and process-data collection, analysis, and reporting so you can keep production moving and satisfy compliance and auditing demands. Keep throughput high and information at your fingertips.
  • Comply with Regulations: In today’s global market, you must juggle the details of multiple national and international regulations and compliance requirements. Meeting those expectations—and managing the reporting and downtime associated with audits and recalls—can drain time, energy, and resources. With InfinityQS, get automated notification when compliance checks are—or aren’t—performed and visibility into potential or actual failures.
  • Ensure Specification Compliance: InfinityQS is ISO Certified 9001/2001, so you can have confidence in both quality and security controls.

Leverage the power of SPC to identify and solve your most costly issues. With enterprise-wide visibility into critical production data, you can continually fine-tune manufacturing production operations to ensure a healthy and profitable organization.

  • Cut Down on Scrap and Rework: InfinityQS SPC-driven solutions reduce waste by helping your operations team spot critical out-of-spec dimensions. The earlier you catch such issues, the fewer wasted materials or recalled products you’ll need to deal with. We also offer quality control solutions to help you maximize product quality and reduce rework
  • Optimize Resource and Materials Utilization
  • Ensure Optimal Process Capability: With InfinityQS, you can analyze the quality and consistency of your raw materials and suppliers as well as your finished products. And real-time supplier monitoring eliminates acceptance sampling and reduces the need for holding large materials inventories.
  • Minimize Downtime: InfinityQS solutions integrate with your existing systems and infrastructure so that maintenance is faster and planned downtime shorter. Automation, familiar interface components, and self-serve functionality mean less need to put in IT requests—and less time spent waiting for support.
  • Improve Volume and Yields: To avoid costly fines and recalls, manufacturers often err on the side of overfilling. But even tiny amounts of giveaways can significantly impact your bottom line. InfinityQS enables you to tighten tolerances and hit specification targets—potentially saving your organization millions of dollars.
  • Streamline Tracking and Reporting: Regular monitoring of products, processes, and quality control provides the insight you need to keep manufacturing running smoothly. With InfinityQS, automated, standardized data collection and configurable reporting save time and resources and reduce the potential for human error.

Deliver consistent and improved product quality, enhance sustainability, and increase responsiveness to changing business, market, and operational needs. InfinityQS SPC and quality management software provides the tools to:

  • Monitor Supplier Quality: Regular monitoring of your product and process quality can provide the insight you need to keep manufacturing running smoothly. With InfinityQS tools, you can simplify data entry and support automated and semi-automated data collection, saving time and resources and reducing the potential for human error during data entry. Then, take advantage of standardized and configurable reporting options to keep an eye on the information you need—and stay up to date on any changing conditions.
  • Reduce Defects: The more product you can get out the door, the better. But if quality slips, you’ll find that product headed straight back from your unhappy customers. With the targeted insights that InfinityQS solutions provide, you can make sure that products are within spec and that quality metrics (net weight, fill, regulatory compliance) are consistent. Maximize your high-quality yield and keep your production line—and your business—humming.
  • Continuously Improve Product Quality: To produce high-quality products, manufacturers require more than real-time notification and a checkbox at the end of the production line. They need a genuine understanding of how every system works and a commitment to embed quality throughout manufacturing processes. With InfinityQS® solutions, you gain visibility beyond a single process or plant. Gather both historical and real-time data from across the enterprise and the production lifecycle—then mine that quality data for strategic insights that proactively drive continuous improvement throughout your business.
  • Ensure Reliable Product Consistency: Producing quality products demands intelligent insights into all processes, including visibility into the supply chain, trend information, automated notifications, and flexible control. Get all that and more with InfinityQS solutions. Reduce both scraps and recalls by taking control of your product and process quality.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Customers demand high-quality and reliable products. You need proven, efficient quality control methods to meet those demands. One faulty process can set back both production and customer loyalty. With InfinityQS, you get quality control and process optimization solutions that help you respond to customer needs—quickly, flexibly, and consistently.

Prioritize quality and process control to minimize downtime and reduce regulatory compliance risks, customer complaints and recalls while protecting brand equity. InfinityQS solutions use proven SPC methodology to help you prevent problems—and the associated risks.

  • Reduce Customer Complaints: Your customers demand high-quality, reliable products. You need proven, efficient quality control methods to meet those demands. One faulty process can set back both production and customer loyalty. With InfinityQS, you get solutions that help you respond to customer needs—quickly, flexibly, and consistently.
  • Protect Brand Equity: Consistency is a hallmark of brand equity. How can you ensure that customers get the same high-quality product from any manufacturing site, at any time? How can you detect potential quality problems as quickly as possible—or better yet, spot the warning signs and prevent the problems? InfinityQS solutions provide targeted yet extensive data collection and capabilities, automated alerts, and aggregated access to historical data so that you can produce a consistently excellent product that meets brand expectations.
  • Minimize Product Recalls: Product recalls are costly, not just in lost time and wasted materials but also in the potential loss of customer confidence and brand reputation. InfinityQS gives you the insight you need to reduce defect levels, automate policy and procedure enforcement, and reduce scrap and rework—all of which can help to prevent the dreaded recall.
  • Boost ROI and Maximize Existing Investments: From giving you the insight you need to monitor supplier quality to improving traceability and streamlining audits, InfinityQS solutions provide unbeatable ROI.

Modernize Your Shop Floor Operations with Advantive

InfinityQS is the leading provider of SPC software and services to manufacturers worldwide. Our solutions automate data collection and analysis during the manufacturing process, so you can make real-time process improvement decisions and prevent defects before they occur. As part of the Advantive team, we offer a range of technical support and professional services to accelerate your deployment and adoption and help you maximize your InfinityQS system.

Expert Guidance

Accelerate your success with professional services that generate a faster ROI, support changing business needs, and identify potential process improvements.

Enterprise Support

Our support team works to resolve issues for you, offering deep expertise on implementing InfinityQS Enact and ProFicient products within a broad range of IT environments.

Flexible Training

Speed adoption and maximize the value of your SPC software investment with versatile learning solutions from InfinityQS.
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Mastering Quality: From Data Collection to Data Transformation

Leverage the Power of SPC in the Cloud

InfinityQS offers two options for deploying SPC-driven quality management in the cloud. Our award-winning InfinityQS Enact platform provides a modern, intuitive, integrated solution that speeds up real-time quality data collection, reporting, and analysis. InfinityQS ProFicient On Demand offers a flexible, scalable way to centralize your SPC software, minimizing the total cost of ownership while supporting operational agility and scalability.

Consider our cloud-based solutions if your business wants:

  • Ease of Deployment: Scale easily and automatically through a SaaS model
  • Access from Any Device: Real-time data through any browser
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Dashboard-based insights improve communication within and across teams
  • Standardization: Improve quality and efficiency across sites
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Reduce infrastructure and IT support
  • Hassle-Free Updates: Eliminate the cost and hassle of software, hardware, and technology upgrades
  • Total Data Visibility: A single version of the truth for all stakeholders
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Powerful, Flexible, and Scalable On-Premise SPC Software

InfinityQS ProFicient On-Premise, the industry-leading SPC solution, offers real-time visibility and flexible configuration to meet the needs of highly regulated manufacturing organizations. InfinityQS ProFicient On-Premise enables you to maintain corporate- or industry-required control and security by hosting the software on your own servers and hardware and securing the application behind your own firewall. In addition, our on-premises solution supports established industry and regulatory software validation and compliance requirements.

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Choose our on-premises solution if your business wants:

  • Statistical Validation: InfinityQS maintains statistical validation for inclusion in your documentation
  • Simplified Data Collection: Enable manual, automated, semi-automated, and mobile quality data acquisition
  • Real-Time Data Visibility: Unified data repository for fast and easy analysis and reporting
  • Flexible Monitoring and Analysis: Identify potential problems and best practices
  • Workflow Management: Automated notifications and alerts ensure prompt action
  • Advanced Reporting: Dashboard views of KPIs help lower costs and increase profits
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Ocean Spray Elevates Product Quality and Compliance with InfinityQS

Learn how a global food and beverage manufacturer increased visibility and improved every step of their manufacturing process using InfinityQS SPC software.

Effective Solutions for Smart Manufacturing Optimization

InfinityQS has a full line of add-on products and integrations that work together to deliver a complete, comprehensive quality improvement solution. Our solutions are highly configurable and designed to blend quality data with other plant data to optimize production, improve product quality, and ensure compliance.

  • Automated Data Collection
  • Dynamic Scheduler
  • Quality Event Dashboard
  • Control Chart Dashboard
  • Remote Alarm Monitoring Service
  • Enterprise Integration Service
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