Real-Time Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software for Manufacturing

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Control Process Inputs on the Production Floor

Take the guesswork out of quality control with statistical process control (SPC) software. Advantive’s award-winning SPC software delivers unparalleled visibility and intelligence to help plant managers understand and control variability in manufacturing. Developed by experienced statisticians, quality professionals, and Six Sigma-certified experts, our real-time SPC solutions include the measurement and monitoring tools you need to minimize production costs, optimize product quality, and significantly reduce risk, defects, and inconsistencies.

Quickly Detect Issues

Real-time, automated alerts and notifications help manufacturers facilitate rapid and precise corrections on the production floor.

Minimize Production Costs

Our SPC solutions uncover information that manufacturers can use to improve yields while reducing downtime and quality costs.

Optimize Product Quality

Make process improvements based on an unprecedented degree of insight into the behavior and quality of every part of your manufacturing lines.

Scalable SPC Software to Drive Better Quality Outcomes

With real-time quality data from across the enterprise, our proven SPC software for manufacturing provide simple, intuitive shop floor operator interfaces and powerful analysis capabilities for quality professionals and managers. By aligning operations, process control, supply and demand data, and front-office applications, Advantive’s solutions turn quality risk into a competitive advantage.

For manufacturers who use SPC or are engaged in continuous process improvement activities, SPC control charts are powerful tools for assessing and improving process quality. Control charts provide immediate, real-time indications of significant changes in manufacturing processes that warrant a root-cause analysis or other investigation. From standard control chart options for high-speed production to managing short runs and large numbers of part features, our SPC software offers a huge variety of configurable control charting options to help manage your biggest challenges.

We collect, standardize, aggregate, and store data in a single Unified Data Repository, so you can analyze and view it in hundreds of ways—without requiring expensive add-on software, export to third-party applications, or manual data processing. It’s simple to summarize, aggregate, and analyze all of your quality data using Advantive analysis tools.

Extensive analysis and reporting capabilities help quality professionals and Six Sigma teams identify improvement opportunities and replicate quality successes, leading to better process and product quality across the organization. Depending on your role and immediate goals, different information can take priority on any given day. That’s why Advantive products feature the ability to automatically trigger alarms and communicate them to precisely the right personnel at your plants. Conveniently, a single dashboard can be configured to reveal charts and information targeted to different unique users. This allows a single interface to be repurposed for a wide variety of needs and users while minimizing time spent configuring the system.

When it comes to real-time SPC, most solutions begin—and end—with control charts. Although control charts are excellent shop-floor tools, you’ll need other analysis tools to extract maximum information from your data. Our SPC solutions include sophisticated analysis tools to give you the ability to view data across product codes, lines, or sites—all in one report. Regardless of your manufacturing process—high volume/low mix, or low volume/high mix—our software has the right analysis tools for your unique situation.

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How to Improve Manufacturing Operations with Real-Time SPC Software

With the right Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, your data can provide actionable information to improve performance, reduce production costs, optimize product quality, and increase consistency across your manufacturing operations. Learn more by exploring our interactive online guide to SPC software and quality management.

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