All-in-One Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to Connect Your Core Processes

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Manage Your Business Operations in One Place

Are you struggling to grow your business with entry-level accounting software or unintegrated point systems? Whether you are a local manufacturer or a global distributor, ERP software is used to connect and streamline the people, processes, and data across your entire organization. Our ERP software solutions provide a complete business management system that centralizes your financials, sales, inventory, operations, and industry-specific requirements together into one single platform.

Improve Cash Flow

Unify your financial processes and accurately manage complex cashflows into and out of the company based on real-time data and financial reporting.

Boost Employee Productivity

Give your staff the process automation and modern tools they need to access real-time data, manage customers, and do their jobs more efficiently every day.

Accelerate Revenue Growth

With increased efficiencies, reduced operating costs, quicker production, and more customers, you can expect to see massive improvements and fast ROI.

Optimize Performance with Financial ERP Software Purpose-Built for Your Industry

Advantive’s mission-critical ERP software solutions are specifically designed to add value along the manufacturing and distribution lifecycle. User-friendly and fully customizable, our scalable ERP solutions serve a variety of industries and use business process automation, seamless integration, and real-time data to streamline plant production, optimize supply chains, control quality, forecast sales orders, simplify pricing, and more – making the complex, simple.

Gain a 360 degree view of your business financials with Advantive’s ERP software solutions. Our world-class ERP systems have a proven financial backbone to help you gather accurate finanical data and keep your general ledger, balance sheets, and integral financial statements organized and up-to-date.

  • Simplified financial reporting
  • Seamless bank reconciliation
  • Maintain compliance with financial audit trails

Proper inventory management is the cornerstone of a manufacturer or distributor’s success. Our proven ERP solutions include advanced inventory and warehouse management functionality to smooth supply chain operations, simplify complex scheduling, optimize resource utilization, and ensure complete control over inventory levels. With powerful demand forecasting, real-time replenishment, and more, Advantive can help you combat variable supply and demand while maximizing your ROI.

Our manufacturing and distribution ERP solutions provide a centralized database to easily track and organize important customer, employee, and vendor information. With instant access to real-time data and increased collaboration between departments, your employees are able to complete tasks, close deals, communicate with customers, and process orders quickly and easily.

Eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions based on actual business data. Our ERP solutions include the financial and operational reporting capabilities you need to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), analyze workflows, maintain compliance, track business performance, and support strategic decision making.

At Advantive, we deliver specialized software with industry best practices built in, rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ option. All of our ERP solutions are responsive to the nuances of manufacturing and distribution businesses and can be tailored to fit your unique requirements. Here are some highlights of the functional features available:

Manufacturing Industry Functionality:

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Production Control
  • Warehouse Management
  • Estimating and Quoting
Learn More about Manufacturing Industry Functionality:

Distribution Industry Functionality:

  • Order Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Procurement
  • EDI and eCommerce integration
Learn More about Distribution Industry Functionality:
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5 Keys to Building the Business Case for ERP

Distribution One actually helps our business be more productive. We operate our warehouse more efficiently because our software performs like a world-class product. And that’s not marketing hype. We trust in its reliability. It is one of the best decisions our company has ever made!

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Vernon Achgill

General Manager

DDI System allows us to easily see at all times what we have on-hand, making it so much easier to keep accurate levels consistently and not rely on an annual inventory event.

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Director of Operations

We switched to HRMS to Advantzware ERP to stay flexible with the times and never looked back. We finally have all the data we need to make this year our most profitable year yet!

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General Manager

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