NEW with ParityFactory: Backflushing for Bulk, Enhanced NetSuite Support & More

September 28, 2023
3 min read

Each new ParityFactory version adds or updates features to address the way things work in the real world of food processing and manufacturing. 

Below, you can peruse three new features that save time and reduce errors: backflushing for bulk ingredients, enhanced support for NetSuite transfers, and lot separation based on best before dates.

1. Backflushing for bulk ingredients

In PF Office Manager, you can now backflush actual amounts instead of capturing real-time volumes. Traditionally, managing the inventory of bulk ingredients like milk, flour, or oil can feel daunting. You’re calculating precisely how much of a given ingredient should be used based on the finished products produced—a tedious and error-prone process. 

Enter backflushing for bulk ingredients, a ParityFactory feature designed to improve accuracy and streamline workflows. The system automatically determines the quantity of bulk ingredients required based on the finished goods produced. And of course, tracing capabilities remain intact.

This feature is not just a time-saver; it’s a game-changer for precision and efficiency in your operations. 


2. Enhanced Support for NetSuite Transfers

At ParityFactory, we understand that NetSuite is the backbone of many operations, handling everything from inventory management to financials. However, NetSuite has stringent requirements when it comes to transfers. If you say you’ll ship 1000 items, you must ship exactly 1000 items, or you’ll have to modify your plan. This rigidity doesn’t always accommodate real life in the food and beverage industry, where transfer quantities can vary wildly.  

ParityFactory now bridges this gap by allowing you to update NetSuite transfer orders during exports. You can seamlessly use ParityFactory’s features for flexible data capture and integrate them back into NetSuite. This integration enhances NetSuite’s capabilities, making it more adaptable to the real-world complexities of food distribution. 

This feature transforms NetSuite from a rigid system into a flexible tool that can adapt to the unpredictable nature of the food industry. 

3. Lot Separation Based on Best Before Dates

ParityFactory utilizes “lot rules,” to dynamically generate lot information. In this version, we’ve added an additional rule for Best Before Date (BBD) or Pull By Date (PBD). With BBD/PBD lot separation, you can categorize inventory into different lots based on their best before or pull by dates. In the event of a recall, you can target specific lots based on these dates, minimizing the scope of the recall and reducing potential losses.