What We’re Reading: 2024 Food Processing Predictions from the NYT

February 28, 2024
2 min read

The new year always brings a fresh proliferation of predictions across industries, and food and beverage are no exception. While we’ve skimmed past articles about consumer trends on everything from packaging to teen snacking, we wanted to pause and turn some extra attention to these nine predictions from the New York Times. We spotted a few items here that will be of particular interest to our customers in food processing and food manufacturing.

While the Gray Lady’s list of nine predictions for our eating includes likely-passing fancies – cocktails that taste like Thai beef salad? – it also captures this moment of consumer scrutiny on food supply chains and processing methods.

Among the predictions, the NYT expects customer concern about food processing to grow. They expect ingredients labels to garner more attention, writing: “Ingredient descriptions will become more transparent and detailed (instead of “spicy citrus,” you may see “pomelo and habanero”) and include more biodiversity bona fides, but not in the precious farm-to-table way.”

They also expect AI to become a more significant part of the conversation, not only in restaurants but in the tighter supply chains and food waste reductions – changes you’re no doubt already exploring in your own food processing operation.

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Dig in to see which food trends the NYT predicts for your particular vertical