Company Improves SECAR Control Room Panel with Visual WinSPC Production Alerts­­­



Statistical Process Control (SPC)



A manufacturing company that processes minerals has equipped its production leadership with live summary views.

A manufacturing company that processes minerals has installed WinSPC real-time statistical process control software on computer screens in its SECAR control room, giving production leadership additional knowledge about the company’s production process. The WinSPC screens alert leadership when underlying production problems are detected.

To access the needed product measurements to make the WinSPC alert screens work, the DataNet team created a custom application to pull in multi-formatted data from the company’s X-ray diffraction mineralogy analysis stations and Laser granulometry testing stations, making production information from a variety of sources across 30 products, 300 measured characteristics, and 3 company departments available in a single easy-to-read computer screen view.

The DataNet team also optimized WinSPC in a specific way to work harmoniously alongside the company’s existing measurement collection system as they phase it out.

The company leverages a number of WinSPC features to stay abreast of production trends that may create waste.

  • The company uses WinSPC alpha-blended statistical zone charting and recently-released WinSPC dashboards to simplify understanding of production through color-coded visualizations
  • The company uses the WinSPC alarm feature to email a supervisor when a measurement collected is marked unreasonable, such as one that has two extra zeros due to a typo or gauge glitch
  • The company uses WinSPC on-screen notifications to notify production leadership when a product is out-of-spec, and when any of a large number of other SPC tests are violated
  • The company uses WinSPC’s plant monitor feature to get a view of facility-wide activity where individual squares light up to indicate a problem on a production line

By using WinSPC to monitor and alert on its production processes, the company is preventing waste before it accumulates.

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