Nutrition-Focused Bakery Digitizes Bread Production Process



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Reducing product giveaway is a goal of this large-scale producer, and candy weights are charted to help the company better understand the nature of overfill problems.

A large candy company has connected its 25 weigh scales to WinSPC statistical process control software for real-time charting of candy weights.

The candy company has a century-long history and has built a large product portfolio of 16 brands. It recently covered a city area previously unmaintained and covered in rust with colorful graffiti featuring its candy brands. The company has a dedicated “engagement council” which enacts the company’s goal of community involvement and participation in causes like hunger and child abuse.

The company has set up WinSPC real-time statistical process control software to calculate the percent overfill characteristic it considers important to candy quality. The software performs a calculation where it divides weights collected from scales by the target weight.

To help operators easily log into WinSPC amidst their other responsibilities, the DataNet Services Team tailored WinSPC to the company’s production computer stations such that operators can log in with a few clicks and keystrokes.

For the thousand candy packages they produce in an hour, the company has tasked operators with writing action reports when a problem arises on the production line.

These reports entail details about the problem and actions the operator took to attempt to fix the problem. It is worth pointing out that this type of production “journaling” has been proven to be cost saving for manufacturers looking to improve long-term process profitability.

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