Powersports Equipment Manufacturer Implements WinSPC Real-Time SPC Software



Statistical Process Control (SPC)



Leading Powersports Company Launches SPC Software to Reduce Scrap, Improve Productivity, and Implement Preventative Quality Control

The powersports equipment manufacturer purchased WinSPC SPC software to:

  • Reduce scrap
  • Reduce time spent capturing inspection data
  • Improve process capability
  • Optimize tool life
  • Identify and integrate preventative quality
    control methods

The company began its WinSPC implementation at its 700,000 square-foot site in the central United States, where it produces engine components such as crankcases, crankshafts, flywheels, and clutch plates. The facility houses a high-volume operation consisting of dozens of lines, each of which is capable of producing a mix of components that could have between 5 and 30 different inspection parameters.

The facility, designed for just-in-time and flexible manufacturing processes, required versatile SPC software that was capable of adapting to complex and constantly-changing data collection requirements. The company will deploy WinSPC throughout the facility to perform real-time quality control. The plan consists of launching WinSPC in the Quality Control lab and two crankcase lines, then across the entire facility. The company then plans to expand its real-time SPC program to another of its North American manufacturing facilities.

Before implementing WinSPC, quality personnel performed Statistical Process Control manually, which consumed massive amounts of paper and personnel hours. They cost justified WinSPC based solely on the productivity savings they would realize from automation. But, after conducting a pilot program, the quality personnel documented even more benefits to add to their project cost justification, such as reduced scrap and faster issue resolution times.

One of the critical decision-making factors in choosing WinSPC—and expanding the solution in the future—is the ability to gain broad user acceptance of the software. The company reported that in order to get shop-floor operators to use the software it must be simple to use and manage within the existing process.

Company management reports that it chose WinSPC for its easy-to-use data collection interface and WinSPC’s ability to quickly capture data from a variety of processes and devices. WinSPC’s blueprint interface and timed data collection capabilities made it ideal for their flexible, just-in-time manufacturing environment.

DataNet’s Solution Delivery team worked with company personnel to develop a real-time SPC implementation strategy and traveled on-site to perform product installation and configuration. DataNet application engineers wrote two custom interfaces to capture data from a CMM and an optical measuring device to WinSPC. Finally, DataNet experts trained personnel on SPC concepts and principles, then performed basic WinSPC Adminstrator training for designated product administrators.

About DataNet Quality Systems

DataNet Quality Systems empowers manufacturers to improve products, processes, and profitability through real-time statistical software solutions. The company’s vision is to deliver trusted and capable technology solutions that allow manufacturers to create the highest quality product for the lowest possible cost. DataNet’s flagship product, WinSPC, provides statistical decision-making at the point of production and delivers real-time, actionable information to where it is needed most. With over 2500 customers worldwide and distributors across the globe, DataNet is dedicated to delivering a high level of customer service and support, shop-floor expertise, and training in the areas of Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing services.