5 Risks of home grown solutions

August 8, 2017
3 min read

Manufacturing systems are complex and unique. Regardless of how well they are programmed, most home grown solutions have their own little quirks that sometimes require a few tweaks to help them run more smoothly. These home grown solutions might seem like they do the trick — after all the challenge has been effectively addressed — but using them has its own set of risks including the following:

1. They Can’t Link Up

When a system fix can’t link up to other systems, it limits their impact. Using a solution that is designed to connect with other business systems allows its full range of options to be utilized.

2. They Lack Functionality

Home grown solutions are designed to address a particular issue without thoughts of regular updates and enhancements. Professional systems, such as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) from VIA Information Tools has regular updates as well as system enhancements to improve the functionality of your entire system.

3. They Lack Ease of Use

While home grown solutions might seem brilliant at the time that the are implemented, chances are that only the person or team that builds them understands them fully. Such solutions lack ease of use and are not intuitive. Vital Plant solutions, on the other hand, do not rely on complex coding to work. They are fully adjustable and is able to support any business process that you need.

4. They Don’t Work Very Well

Chances are that any solution that is implemented utilizing other avenues besides those that are professional will cause a different set of problems. While it can seem like the original problem is addressed — at least in part — the solution is not likely to work as well as you expected or that you need. In addition, it’s possible that the solution brings up unintended side effects. Professional solutions aren’t based on guesswork and theories. Instead, they are backed up by testing and successful use by customers and their resultant case studies.

5. They are Dependent on Internal Forces

While home grown solutions can seem like a windfall during a challenging time, it is best to think of such mechanisms as a stop-gap measure at best. These types of solutions are extremely vulnerable to attrition. They also suffer from a lack of documentation and limited support. With Vital Plant solutions from VIA, you get extensive support and backup options to deliver the solutions your company needs to meet challenges head-on.

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