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May 7, 2021
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Quality is kind of a big deal around here.

The Story of Bill the Quality Manager

Bill: I never attend cocktail parties because I have always dreaded the questions people ask in polite conversation. The number one being, “So, what do you do for a living?”

As a Quality Manager of a very large company, my rehearsed and well-polished response used to be “I’m responsible for the quality improvement programs that reduce scrap, eliminate waste and increase profits at XYZ Company.”  (*crickets*)…

After a while, I got tired of seeing glazed eyes and quizzical faces.  So I began answering: “Well, I’m a drug dealer actually. And I must say that I’m pretty successful at it. Can I get you something?”

It would get even funnier when they would reply that they don’t do drugs and my answer would be “No, I was talking about drinks…Can I get you a drink?”

Eventually I’d share that I was a Quality Manager and they’d ask me the 2nd most dreaded question,

So what does a Quality Manager do?”

Well, let me put it to you in a meme.

Wrestling with special cause variation 40 hours a week? That’s just the beginning. Here is a day in my life as a Quality Manager.

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A typical day in a Quality Manager’s life begins early…

7AM:  A large customer requests a call.

An important customer requests a 7am conference call to review recent defects they have found.

7:35AM:  The customer is running late.

Says they will call me back later to discuss their very important issues.

8AM: The first management meeting of the day always begins with a pep talk.

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9AM:  I try to get some work done by responding to e-mails and making phone calls.

10AM:  I have to remind Production that Quality is important.

We do not “Ship the product, no matter what!”


10:30AM:  I send a quick text message to my significant other, letting them know that “I love them.”

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11AM:  SPC training class for the employees.

NOON:  Lunch.

Lunchtime is usually spent at my desk, preparing reports for the next management meeting.

12:30PM:  Meeting with a Quality Engineer.

After days of researching a problem they uncovered, I find that the underlying data is garbage and their conclusions are wrong!

1PM:  Financial Managers Meeting.

Everyone wants to know how much money Quality saves/costs the company. We have this meeting once a week. When I pointed out how much time and money this meeting costs and how much we would save if we cancelled the meeting, they didn’t seem very enthusiastic.

2PM:  Quality crisis on the plant floor needs my immediate attention.

After an initial investigation into the problem, the “evidence” mysteriously disappears. Yum! 🙂

3PM:  Upper Management meeting.

Owners of the company don’t believe in Quality. It’s my job to convince them that Quality is important.

3:15PM:  Recruit money for Quality initiatives.

Ask for more money to automate our SPC programs and bring the paper-based, “Quality Control Lab” into the modern era of manufacturing.

4PM:  Preparing reports for the 5pm Quality meeting that nobody will read.

5PM:  Report on the “State of the Company”.

6PM:  I am determined to make things better!

7PM:  Ready to go home.

I get a phone call from my customer who missed the 7am conference call informing me that they will be visiting our Plant, tomorrow!

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