A New Look and Improved Features for ecommONE

December 3, 2022
2 min read

Distribution One is pleased to announce the newly redesigned ecommONE integrated E-Commerce webstore!

More than just a visual update, the ecommONE redesign provides improved user speed on both desktop and mobile devices. But that’s not all. Let us take you on a tour.

Delivering white-label functionality, the new ecommONE site allows for customizable color branding. In addition, the homepage features carousel image banners, and companies can also add their own pages like About Us or other resources in order to have ecommONE operate as a company’s main website.

On the product search result page, the Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist, and Add to RFQ buttons now remain visible on-screen for every item whereby eliminating the previous mouse-over viewing method. Product pricing has been moved to the top of each item image and the availability font size has been increased for added clarity. Clearly defined buttons now highlight product viewing options for either Grid, List, or Table views. Clickable product filtering lives in the left window for convenient narrowing to the desired products.

On the product page, item information like Features, Product Details, and Notes are now organized by tabs which eliminate the need for excessive scrolling. Clickable buttons to increase or decrease quantity have also been added for improved ordering convenience.

In addition to the webstore, the user dashboard section has also been modernized. 

Customers can view the purchase history without a chosen timeframe and conveniently place a reorder from this screen. 

Customers enjoy full access to their pending orders, backorder items, and so much more. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this overview. These are just some of the improvements we’ve made to ecommONE.