Bridging the Skill Gap: 3 Ways an MES Can Help

July 10, 2017
2 min read

Manufacturers today are facing an impending crisis as skilled laborers near retirement age. Although many corporations have invested in apprenticeships or collegiate programs to train replacements for those employees, due to lengthy speed to proficiency curves and a lack of process documentation, it means that valuable skills could still leave with them. Factory-wide, and even industry-wide disruption is becoming imminent.

Do you know where you’ll be when your employees retire? If not, consider these three ways that implementing a our Vital Plant MES might help smooth out that transition.

#1 – Automate Simple Processes

Tasks like data entry and reporting can be done automatically. Connecting your machines and operations to an MES like Vital Plant can automate the flow of information, giving you the data you need to know what’s really going on in your plant. That way, your new employees can focus on learning the skills they need.

#2 – Train New Employees

By having your employees follow work instructions that require validated responses, you can ensure that your employees are doing things the right way at the right time, without having to monitor them. Vital Plant Document Management Module can also store old documents electronically, such as manuals, historic production data, and schedules. This can help your employees easily find the information they need whenever and wherever they are.

#3 – Avoid Troubleshooting

Vital Plant can automatically enforce quality, parts and process flows that helps you avoid issues like unplanned downtime. If downtime does occur, plant managers can be notified immediately. Real-time and historical reporting exists to help understand the impact and determine the correct solutions, one more step in ensuring you avoid downtime altogether in the future. This targeted enforcement and tracking will save you valuable production time and lost revenue. An MES can also track and schedule predictive maintenance further ensuring the prevention of costly issues.

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