Can a Wellness-Focused WMS Increase Your Sales Potential?

June 11, 2020
3 min read

The benefits of a robust WMS can go far beyond the factory floor

One of the unexpected benefits of ParityWellness, and one that we rarely share, is how valuable our wellness-focused WMS solution can be to our client’s sales departments. While it may seem counter-intuitive at first, what’s going on in receiving, production and shipping can have a major impact on your relationships with your clients, and how and where you’re able to sell your product.

While we add many new features to the ParityWellness platform with every update, the backbone or our software is and always has been its digital lot tracing capability. This is exactly what makes it the tool so powerful for our clients’ sales staff. Because lot tracing information is instantly available at every step of production, recalls can take place in far less time than the two hours that most major retailers require. In fact, several of our current clients have implemented our solution because their old system of tracking lots prevented their products from being sold in certain retail chains. You don’t have to be selling to the Wal-Marts and Trader Joes of the world to benefit from this either, lot traceability and product safety are differentiators that buyers across the spectrum care about.

Creating a customer relationship is one thing, but maintaining it is entirely another. Luckily ParityWellness includes tools that assist with this task as well. A side effect of detailed tracing is that when it’s time to build a shipment, users always know exactly where their product is and how long it’s been there. As they pick pallets, the system enforces FEFO/FIFO to guarantee that no product is sitting in inventory for too long and that what’s being sent out is of the highest quality. Validations on the handheld make sure that every bit of the order makes it onto each truck and prevents the wrong goods from being scanned in, all but eliminating shipping errors. This guarantees that while you’re working to make sales happen, you can be confident in your ability to provide your buyers quality, accurate shipments. Happier customers, improved trust, and increased brand reputation are some of the biggest benefits our clients report after adopting the system.

We’re known across the industry for the great impact that we have on our clients’ production, but the benefits of the ParityWellness platform go far beyond the factory. If you’d like to learn more, let us know! Our experienced consultants would be happy to show you how our software can have a positive effect on your entire operation.