Driving Optimal Performance With Traceability

August 30, 2017
3 min read

When considering tracking and traceability, we tend to think of events which have already occurred, in the past. In nature, we track where animals have been, the paths they have followed, and what they have eaten by the evidence left behind such as paw prints and carcasses. In law enforcement, we track down criminals based on the evidence they left behind such as fingerprints, DNA, phone calls, GPS history, credit card transactions, other receipts, and of course personal contact. In manufacturing, we can do the same sort of tracking, providing a history of where individual parts have been, who touched them, which processes they have gone through, the results of those processes, and how materials have been combined to make the finished product – all based on identification and evidence. When we combine the information of all parts and processes, we can also get a picture of how the totality of the operation has performed, how much was made, how much was scrapped, and how efficient the operations ran.

Now, what if we turned these stories around? What if you could not only track animals, but you could also use feedback to direct animals where to go to find food, or avoid traffic, or have endangered species avoid predators? What if you could not only track criminals, but you could conduct predictive policing, using analysis and feedback to avoid crime in the first place, either by warning prospective victims or by directing potential criminals to alternative decisions? Similarly, in manufacturing, what if we can utilize information gathered in the manufacturing process to help direct activity and lead to higher yield, higher asset utilization, lower scrap, lower customer returns and lower cost of quality?

With VIA’s Man-IT software, we approach traceability as a tool, not only to provide evidence of actions which have already occurred, but also to use that information to guide current and future actions within the manufacturing operations. Man-IT helps decide what to make next, and how many to make. Man-IT helps decide which operations are bottlenecks and in need of adjustment. Man-IT helps decide which operations are hampered by unplanned downtime, and in need of attention. Man-IT helps ensure that products are made to specification, using proper components, following proper routing, and within tolerances. Man-IT directs materials requiring inspection to the appropriate holds, and Man-IT helps make sure the materials are contained until all approvals are met.

So, by integrating the evidence gathering with the manufacturing execution, Man-IT can analyze what has already been done, and feedback direction to the process in order to drive optimal performance.
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