Help Your Clients Deliver on CX with Customized Packing Slips

October 8, 2019
3 min read
Warehouse and Order Management

“Ohh, nice box… cool stickers.. fancy paper”   

You’re probably familiar with the oohs and aahs that come from unboxing a highly anticipated package at your home. When done right, the Customer Experience (CX) can feel like rainbows, sunshine and unicorns.

As a 3PL, each of your clients require a different set of specifications to deliver their unique CX. It is essential that your WMS is flexible and easy to use when customizing the unboxing experience. VeraCore’s Output Designer can help you achieve fully customized outputs, empowering your clients to deliver on their unique CX!   

The Challenge of CX!  

This is not an easy feat for any 3PL or fulfillment center. You’ve got dozens or even hundreds of unique clients and products to keep straight. What complicates this further is that each client has a unique set of needs and brand guidelines.  

For example, clients often require inserts to be included in a package to compliment the unboxing experience. A client may want to include a customized message or packing slip designed to match the companies branding requirements including logos and imagery.  

Updating outputs like pick/pack slips, labels, and letters can be costly and complex if you don’t have the resources like graphic designers and IT staff.

So how do you help clients deliver on their unique customer experiences?  

Start by saying yes to their requests for customizations! And by using VeraCore’s Output Designer, a flexible tool that allows you to customize everything from picking/packing forms to product labels and letters – all in-house.   

Soon your clients will be able to deliver a CX that is consistent with their brand and memorable.  

When the time comes, making changes will be a breeze. VeraCore’s Output Designer enables users to make customizations with drag and drop capabilities, no programming required. Customizations you can make include:

  • Add images & logos 
  • Change fonts or table colors 
  • Change layout orientation (portrait or landscape) 
  • Change data visible (order by and ship to information) 
  • Update naming conventions (titles)  
  • Add return information (customer service links) 
  • Include marketing promotions (contests, giveaways, coupon codes) 
  • Social graphics or other call to action

Here’s an example of a custom packing slip – before and after!

With this flexibility, you’ll be able to appease those brands who are always looking for ways to refresh their marketing materials and elevate their CX. 

Delivering a great CX is important for any business. It can translate into repeat business, positive reviews and customer loyalty; all of which have a lasting influence on a brand (and their 3PL).

If you’re a VeraCore customer, check out our article Create Custom Warehouse Outputs in our Knowledge Base.  

To learn more, speak to one of our fulfillment experts today!