How Advantive’s Resources Bolster InfinityQS’ Enact Updates

August 9, 2023
4 min read
General, Quality Control

On July 06, 2023, the Advantive team unveiled the latest Enact update from InfinityQS, featuring user experience changes designed to cater to customer needs and deliver immediate value. The update introduced the following:

  • Sampling Requirement Improvements:

Issues surrounding sampling requirement reliability surfaced as the size and scale of customer implementations grew. This latest Enact release minimizes the opportunities for the system to handle the sampling requirements improperly, allowing for more reliable triggers on missed, due, violation, and success events.

  • Subgroup Label Improvements:

Users mentioned a performance loss with Enact when using the multi-edit functionality of a subgroup with many items We found that the system had difficulty displaying edits and changes while loading additional items. With this latest update, the edit functionality changed to a single item edit to eliminate the performance issues.

  • Publish “No Data” After Subgroup Deletion:

We fixed an issue where data became out of sync with Enact. Now, when the aggregate record is deleted from Enact, a “No Data” update is sent to the external system to notify users that a specific record has been erased.

  • Tag / Group Removal Improvements:

Our users reported some difficulties managing and deleting tags and tag groups.  With this latest update, Enact provides a warning to users of a tag or tag group’s association to a reserved tag before a user confirms the deletion.

But behind every product update and release lies a collaborative effort involving product management, software development, marketing, sales enablement, technical writing, and training.

How does Advantive deploy resources for an update?

The short answer is that we take a customer-centric approach by gathering critical information about user experiences.

The long answer is that our team looks for input using customer pain points to find their focus points for upcoming product updates. Identification of pain points occurs in one of two ways, through a customer conversation – the customer expresses their issue, or the product management team teases it out – or via a submission to the Advantive Idea Portal.

The process

The product management team will prioritize a feature based on the customer pain points. They work closely with development to identify what needs to be included and how it needs to function. The technical writers build out the supporting documentation. Once the documents are created, the product team works with marketing and sales enablement to create the appropriate materials, which are made available to the customers.

Our developers and project managers alike understand the need to observe the software market trends, paying special attention to what the competition is doing. Additionally, the developers look at the customers’ industries to identify any new regulations or standards and see if there is a shift in how businesses do things.

At Advantive, our software development and project management teams learned to adapt harmoniously, ultimately excelling in identifying and proactively addressing challenges.

The teams remain attentive to competitors’ activities and customer pain points, which adhere to a holistic approach in updating the product. This diligent approach extends beyond industry-specific problem-solving, aiming to create solutions that can benefit the broader quality industry. The developers and project managers effectively prioritize ideas and software improvements based on customer interest by leveraging the Aha platform, a road mapping software to capture ideas and manage product delivery. The team strategically shapes ideas with disciplined focus and long-term planning 3-6 months in advance, with a visionary outlook of 6-12 months ahead.

Though timing is crucial, occasional delays may occur. In such rare instances, the software development team is committed to exerting extra effort, ensuring a swift turnaround and preserving the product’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Delivering with excellence

This relentless pursuit can be seen our latest update for Enact. By listening and understanding our customer pain points and industry trends, our software developers implemented requested user experience changes that add instant value to our cloud-based software solution. They addressed relevant issues head-on and delivered new functionality that enhances the user experience by prioritizing customer needs – something every one of our customers can expect for future updates.