How Automation Through Direct Machine Interface Can Change the Game For Your Operation

November 11, 2020
3 min read
Direct Machine Interface

Direct machine interface, often referred to as DMI, allows you to connect directly to all types of production equipment and allows you to view real-time information and historical analysis from anywhere, anytime, using just the web browser on any device.

Why DMI is a Game-Changer For You

Collecting data manually can take a lot of time. By the time you collect the data, it can often be inaccurate and old, leading you to make decisions off the wrong data. But through direct machine interface, your production is completely recorded and monitored in real-time for all your connected machines. For example, if you’re monitoring the progress of orders and machine speed, you can view it in real-time allowing planners to track production live, while providing you with better insights for your business.

Our DMI Solution Built For You

Advantzware’s  solution is an affordable, cost-effective system that helps you improve the productivity of your manufacturing process immediately. Installed in over 700 manufacturing facilities of all types and sizes, has allowed organizations to experience at least 10% improvement in productivity. By collecting, displaying, and transmitting real-time data you have a wealth of information at your fingertips. Connect your operations to any ERP application. Some of the features include:

  • Downtime Tracking: Collect, analyze, and eliminate causes for downtime and rejects
  • OEE Monitoring: Track machine status, analyze, and improve production efficiency
  • Manufacturing Scheduling: Visual production scheduler produces real-world forecasts
  • Preventative Maintenance/TPM: Schedule maintenance based on actual equipment run hours and cycles
  • Production Reporting: Eliminate manual data collection and transcription
  • ERP Interface: Tie master production schedule to shop floor for dynamic scheduling, accurate job completion forecasts, and automatic WIP/inventory updates

How It Works

The ProductionACE solution consists of devices that are able to communicate with all types of equipment. They connect directly to any production machine using existing electrical signals (switches/relays, photo/proximity sensor, so you don’t have to deal with the difficult task of integrating a variety of machines with different communication technologies and protocols. The data is then collected, reported, and displayed directly to a smartphone, tablet, website or back into the ERP system like Advantzware. There are a headless or operator input capable devices enabling you to tailor the system functionality to your operations for deeper insights, real-time performance tracking, and enhanced communication.


  • Headless device
  • Browser-based operator
  • Includes user configurable discrete inputs and user selectable discrete outputs
  • Designed for the shop floor environment
  • Built-in operator interface with water and dust resistance for harsh environments
  • Includes user configurable discrete inputs and user selectable discrete outputs
  • Operator enters reason and selects from 40 downtime and 20 reject types
  • Spoilage and downtime entry

Manage your production, machines, people, and OEE for real-time visibility into any manufacturing process – for a single plant to multi-site operations.

Advantzware’s DMI solution is a proven and affordable system to help you improve productivity of your manufacturing processes. Get immediate and reliable improvement in productivity after installing our DMI solution. Reach out to our dedicated team to see how to integrate into your Advantzware system for more accurate job reporting, job costing, estimating standards, and scheduling.