How DDI Systems’ Top Industries Deployed 7 Compelling Features of Inform ERP

November 8, 2023
4 min read

DDI System has emerged as an essential solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations. The digital age revolutionized how companies’ function and made it essential for businesses to harness the power of technology to gain a competitive edge. Inform ERP delivers features that not only simplify business processes but also drive profitability and improve operational efficiency. DDI System’s Inform ERP software uniquely tailors its features to meet the specific needs and challenges of its three key industries: Janitorial Sanitation, HVAC & Plumbing, and Foodservice Equipment.

The Janitorial / Sanitation Industry

The janitorial and sanitation industry ensures environments, such as office buildings or bathrooms, stay clean and prevent infection through the use of disinfectants, sanitizers, surface cleaners, and more. This industry directly impacts public health and well-being. Because of this, janitorial and sanitation Inform ERP customers want to focus on reliably reordering the products they need in a timely fashion and at the right price. Our Jan/San customers love Inform ERP for:

  • Historical Customer Order Pad
    • This feature allows businesses to view a customer’s past ordered products in a consolidated manner. It’s important for our customers to have quick access to their historical data to anticipate their needs for products and make repeat orders.
  • Margin of Last Sale Pricing
    • With this feature, the system will remember the profit percentage made on the previous sale of a product per customer to maintain the gross profit margin, preserving your sales margins even when your costs increase.
  • Deviated Cost Rebates
    • Users can track special rebates offered from their vendors for promotional rebates. Promotions are commonly used to boost sales in Jan San, so keeping track of them ensures accurate profitability calculations and assesses the promotion efficacy.

The HVAC / Plumbing Industry

HVAC and Plumbing are indispensable industries that provide comfortable living conditions and functional water and sewage systems for homes and businesses. Our HVAC and Pluming customers use Inform ERP to make sure they have access to the parts needed to repair those systems and keep track of their largest projects and progress. Our HVAC and Plumbing distributors utilize the Inform ERP for consistent:

  • Serial Number Tracking
    • Serial numbers mark individual units or parts of products. Inform ERP uses serial number tracking to monitor these units in case of warranties or recalls, and to guarantee quality control.
  • Customer Warranty Returns
    • This feature manages and monitors products customers return under warranty. Our users love this feature since it streamlines returns and claims back to the vendor to make operations more efficient, which in turn enhances customer trust and loyalty.
  • Job Tracking
    • Job tracking allows our users to monitor the progress of specific jobs, projects, and parts. HVAC and plumbing can be complex, so this feature tracks what has shipped, what is on back order, and what is waiting to be shipped all in one screen.  

The Foodservice Equipment Industry

The foodservice equipment industry plays a pivotal role in ensuring food establishments, like restaurants and cafeterias, operate safely and efficiently. Foodservice equipment is used to prepare and store food for commercial use. Distributors specializing in foodservice equipment most often use the following features:

  • Auto Quotes Integration
    • This feature automates the quoting process by integrating data and parameters set by the business. If done correctly, quote automation will eliminate the errors and the time it takes to manually re-enter information.
  • Job Tracking
    • Job tracking is crucial in a complex industry like foodservice equipment. Like the HVAC & plumbing industry, this feature tracks what has shipped, what is on back order, and what is waiting to be shipped all in one screen. 
  • Serial Number Tracking
    • This feature allows foodservice equipment distributors to track individual pieces of equipment by their serial numbers, which is pivotal in maintaining quality control, overseeing asset management, and honoring warranties.

The modern business landscape demands tailored solutions for maximum efficiency. DDI System’s Inform ERP stands out due to its adaptability and precision that resonate with the challenges of Jan San, HVAC / plumbing, and foodservice equipment. Inform ERP understands and grows with businesses as they continue to evolve and face new challenges in these sectors. Its emphasis on detailed features, adaptability, and industry insight makes our distribution ERP software an indispensable ally for businesses determined to lead in their respective markets.