Now Available in ParityFactory: Automated Unit of Measurement Calculations

October 5, 2023
2 min read

Frequently, employees on the floors of food and beverage operations find themselves making unit of measurement conversions on the fly.

This happens when you need to reconcile flour shipments from the U.S., labeled in pounds, with flour shipments from Canada, labeled in kilograms. It happens when you need to break some bottles of wine away from their cases. These on-the-spot mathematical calculations are typically done manually – eating up valuable minutes and resulting in all-too-frequent errors.

Now, with ParityFactory, you can transact in different units of measurements without any manual calculations. When one vendor sends a shipment labeled in kilograms and another sends one marked in pounds, your floor employees can just record the information as listed on the incoming package, and ParityFactory will automatically convert the numbers to your specified unit of measurement.

This functionality empowers your purchasing and sales teams to enter their purchase orders or sales orders in the unit of measurement your vendors and customers prefer, improving vendor and customer relationships.

By adopting this feature, you’ll save time, prevent errors, and streamline your transactions.

Designed with ParityFactory’s NetSuite integration in mind, the Unit of Measurement feature brings ParityFactory better into sync with NetSuite and supports other integrations as well.

This feature is available in ParityFactory versions starting at version 164, and there is some setup required to activate it. If you’d like to try it with your existing ParityFactory integration, query through support or your support or account manager.

Ready to give ParityFactory a try for the first time? Reach out for your free demo and experience the benefits of automated unit of measurement conversions for yourself.