Not enforcing your processes? That’s risky.

July 10, 2017
3 min read

Risk management in the manufacturing sector is vital to the success of your business — as well as its reputation. A crucial element in managing these risks is the enforcement of specific process parameters. Some of the most common — and potentially harmful — risks include the following:

1. Regulatory Non-Compliance

Nearly every manufacturing sector is tightly regulated by one or more government agencies. Whether this regulatory oversight is centered on employee health, the safety and efficacy of the products manufactured or both, appropriate compliance is necessary for optimal productivity and seamless operations.

2. Inferior Quality

Your manufacturing processes are designed to be enforced within certain parameters every step of the way. When this system is not supported, parts or products that don’t meet your quality standards or those set by regulatory agencies can continue through the manufacturing chain. Not only does this deliver finished goods that can damage your reputation, sending these inferior items through the production lines means that good quality items that meet your parameters are not being processed. An automated system that screens for tolerance mechanisms, data points or other specific criteria you program eliminates this issue from occurring at its point of origin rather than at some other place down the production line.

3. Incorrect Parts

The wrong parts ending up in a box is not an unusual occurrence in the manufacturing industry. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take measures to stop it from happening in the future. Incorrect parts can delay a customer from implementing or using your products, leading to their dissatisfaction and increase the costs for you as you try to effectively address the issue. Setting up an enforcement system that relies on actual data received at various points during the process ensures that the correct parts are used prior to shipment.

4. Diminished Productivity

There are few other business sectors outside of manufacturing that rely so heavily on productivity. Not adhering to a particular step in the process — such as failing to scan a part before it moves to the next station — can cause a false reading, machine failure or some other side effect that results in a stop or slowdown. Too many of these can significantly reduce your productivity and cut into your bottom line.

The Vital Plant Execution System from VIA Information Tools delivers manufacturing clients with software solutions that improve business functions using part traceability, analysis, process enforcement, real-time visibility and more. Vital Plant offers the ability to customize behavior with no programming skills necessary.

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