The Importance of Safety and Compliance in Manufacturing: How VIA Makes a Difference

October 6, 2023
5 min read
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Whether you’re new to the industry or have been working the manufacturing floor for years, understanding the connection between safety, compliance, and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions, is important.

In the dynamic world of manufacturing, safety and compliance is not just a moral obligation, it’s a pivotal factor that guarantees the sustainability and profitability of a business. The production floor continuously runs intricate machines, assembly lines, and processes daily that need continuous oversight by trained professionals. And just like the machinery those professionals use, without oversight, those professionals are at risk of operational and physical dangers.

Why Safety & Compliance is Non-Negotiable

Safety and Compliance on the manufacturing floor are a must for three reasons:

Protecting human resources

  • The most valuable asset to any business is the workforce. A safe environment ensures the well-being of employees, leading to increased job satisfaction, decreased absence, and higher productivity.

Avoiding financial penalties

  • Non-compliance can lead to hefty penalties and legal liabilities. Manufacturers can avoid unnecessary financial burdens and legal entanglements by maintaining safety and compliance standards.

Operational efficiency

  • Incidents halt production, delay deliveries, and increase operational costs. A safe and compliant environment minimizes disruptions and ensures everything stays efficient and on-track.

How MES Software Enhances Compliance

If safety and compliance are so pivotal to the manufacturing process, the next question is, how does MES software fit into this picture? For the uninitiated, MES manages and monitors work-in-process on the factory floor. Here’s why every manufacturer should care about this integral tool:

It provides Real-time Monitoring:

  • MES software offers real-time monitoring of all processes. This continuous surveillance helps in identifying potential safety hazards before they escalate into major issues.

It helps Document Procedures and Policies:

  • The software ensures that all safety and compliance guidelines are documented. This helps standardize safety measures and ensuring that they are communicated and followed throughout the organization.

It aids Traceability and Accountability:

  • With MES, every action on the production floor is recorded. This means that in case of an incident, it’s easier to trace back and identify the root cause, ensuring accountability and faster resolution.

It comes with actionable Reporting and Analytics:

  • Through MES software, manufacturers can generate comprehensive reports related to safety incidents, compliance checks, and other relevant metrics. This aids in continuous improvement and proactive safety management.

VIA MAN-IT’s Role in Upholding Safety & Compliance in Manufacturing

VIA’s MAN-IT Vital suite plays an indispensable role when it comes to upholding the highest standards of safety and compliance in manufacturing. With its range of modules tailored for various manufacturing needs, it provides manufacturers a robust framework to ensure that every aspect of their production process is not just efficient, but also compliant and safe. Let’s dive into how each of modules contributes:

Vital Trace:

  • Traceability and Genealogy:
    • Offers a comprehensive understanding of each product’s journey—its constituents, processes it underwent, and the hands it passed through. This is crucial for safety audits and recall procedures.
  • Part Tracking & Parametric Data Capture:
    • Ensures a thorough understanding of every part and its associated data, enhancing accountability and quality assurance.

Vital Route:

  • Routing Validation & Poke-Yoke:
    • Eliminates the chance of human error, ensuring processes are consistently followed, and products maintain the desired quality.
  • Status Driven Validation:
    • Provides real-time updates on the production process, guaranteeing the adherence to predetermined safety and quality checks.

Vital ID:

  • Configurable Serialization & Label Reading:
    • Facilitates traceability to the granular level, ensuring individual products can be tracked and verified, aiding in compliance and potential recalls.

Vital Quarantine:

  • Quarantine Suspect Materials at Receiving/During Production:
    • Ensures defective or non-compliant materials are isolated immediately, preventing their entry into the final product and ensuring product safety.
  • Manage Sample Size, Plan, and Values:
    • Allows for meticulous quality checks, ensuring that every batch maintains the highest safety and compliance standards.

Vital Response:

  • Real-Time Parametric Data Validation and Alerting:
    • Immediate feedback and alerts on discrepancies ensure prompt corrective action, minimizing risks.
  • Defect Capture at Time of Failure:
    • Aids in instant identification and correction, ensuring that safety and quality are never compromised.

Vital Verify:

  • Verify Setup, Calibration, and Change-Over:
    • Ensures that every machine setup and change adheres to the recommended safety and operational guidelines.
  • Inspection and Audit Record Keeping:
    • Provides a robust documentation system essential for internal checks and external compliance audits.

Safety and compliance in the manufacturing industry aren’t just about adhering to rules. Rather, they form the backbone of sustainable and responsible business operations. MES software stands as a powerful ally in streamlining processes, maintaining a high-level of traceability, and ensuring safety is always a priority.

The understanding and adoption of MES solutions, like VIA MAN-IT, is no longer an option for those working or managing manufacturing plants. It’s a crucial tool that safeguard’s the heart of the business and ensures smooth, compliant operations in the increasingly complex manufacturing landscape.

VIA’s MAN-IT suite provides a thorough approach to safety and compliance in manufacturing. Manufacturers not only guarantee the quality of their products, but also foster an environment of trust and assurance – within their teams and with their consumers – by integrating with MES software solutions.