Top 5 ROI opportunities addressed by an investment in MES

July 10, 2017
2 min read

As with any new technology, the initial investment in a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) seems steep until you understand just how much value you get back almost immediately. Here are the top 5 ROI opportunities you can receive from an investment in MES.

Real Time Reporting

If your company has an eye to continuous improvement, an MES like our Vital Plant, is your ticket to a streamlined acceleration towards real time CI. Vital Plant does more than collect data – the system also supports real time analysis.

Data Consolidation

Never waste time translating from one department to another again. Disparate systems and sources will be integrated into an accessible format that everyone sees at once.

Process Automation

If your Managers are being held back dealing with basic tasks, delegate more with our Vital Plant MES. You will be able to improve processes more quickly by quickly identifying places where automation is possible.

Improved Operations Visibility

How many times has management been frustrated by the lack of immediate data when a vital process goes wrong for an unknown reason? With Vital Plant, the status of every process is being tracked simultaneously, updating all decision makers at any point they decide they need an update. More visibility will help management make better decisions in everything from sales, customer service, planning and production management.

Reaching Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is fast becoming the norm in manufacturing, not a luxury. An MES system like our Vital Plant MES is your fastest road to having the capacity to truly call your business a CI company. The roadmap of individual process improvements that Vital Plant gathers gives management the data to eventually merge together a phased strategy. Also, Vital Plant ensures reliable information. You will never have to worry about the human error that naturally occurs during process overlap and in the manual aggregation of complex data across departments.

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