VeraCore is a 2022 Best Place to Work in Connecticut!

March 30, 2022
3 min read

FARMINGTON, CT, Mar 30, 2022 – We’re proud to announce that VeraCore was selected by the Hartford Business Journal as a Best Place to Work in Connecticut this year.

Created by the Hartford Business Journal and Best Companies Group, The Best Places to Work in Connecticut award is given to companies who have created not just stable workplaces, but also happier, healthier company cultures – a goal that we at VeraCore share. 

With disruptions like the pandemic and current labor shortage making it challenging for companies – both in Connecticut and around the world – to maintain employee happiness, this recognition is especially meaningful to us at VeraCore. 

“For more than 40 years, we’ve made sure that everyone on our team is treated like family. And family takes care of family – we believe that when our team is happy and well cared for, they’re better able to take care of our customers, which in turn drives our success as a company,” said Garrett Lunden, President of VeraCore. “Nearly 25% of our team has been with us for more than a decade. I’m so grateful to our people who have made it a pleasure to come to work every day.”

How did we do it?

We’re based in the US northeast, where snow can make roads impassable for several days. Our team members were no strangers to working remotely before the pandemic, but we have made some adjustments over the past two years to ensure that our team can continue working safely and comfortably. 

Technology has been a key factor in helping us stay together even during periods of remote working. We use cloud-based tools that allow us to work from anywhere. Slack, for example, has been a fantastic enabler for communication and lets us stay in touch with each other across different states and time zones – including team-bonding activities!

We also allow our team members to choose how they prefer to work. We have a mix of full-time remote team members as well as members who prefer a more hybrid working style, working two to three days from the office. This flexibility has also allowed us to expand the team during the pandemic; we hired a few new team members who work remotely full-time but visit the office three to four times a year to bond with everyone in person. 

One of the big advantages that we offer – and one that was highlighted by the Hartford Business Journal – are the employee benefits. It’s important to us that our team is looked after, which is why we provide a choice of multiple medical plans, and the company pays the full healthcare insurance premium for employees. The team also gets five weeks of paid time off a year, and because we also believe in taking care of our people after retirement, we offer traditional 401(k) and Roth 401(k) plans, matching 6% after one year.  

But we don’t plan to rest on our laurels. 

“We’re constantly thinking about ways to keep our team happy and safe,” said Garrett. “The pandemic has made it even more important for us to embrace laughter, humor, and fun while working towards a common goal. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we use that imagination and creativity to drive innovation.”