What is ERP Software for Distributors & Wholesalers?

June 16, 2022
2 min read

Learn the fundamentals and benefits of ERP Software.

What should I know to begin?

To be successful in today’s business climate, distributors and wholesalers must synchronize their departments, maximize worker efficiency, and ensure the accuracy and accessibility of business data. Comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software fulfills these requirements while eliminating manual processes and associated costs to streamline teams and raise company-wide productivity.

Who is Distribution One?

For over 20 years, Distribution One has helped wholesalers and distributors achieve transformational process improvements though user-friendly, comprehensive ERP-ONE business software.

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How does ERP software help?

The main issues facing distributors involve data access and accuracy. Using the comprehensive features of ERP-ONE, when an order is received, users can instantly process the order and payment options, check real-time inventory levels and stock locations across multiple warehouses, purchase needed items, and plan shipments. With ERP-ONE, all related information is readily available which streamlines user productivity while reducing the errors and costs associated with unnecessary paperwork and manual activities.

To better understand the benefits of ERP, we invite you to follow this helpful knowledge path to broaden your understanding of how Distribution One can help you succeed.

The ERP Learning Path

These are but the first steps in the larger ERP software journey. For true “apples to apples” comparison, distributors must investigate and understand the features within comprehensive ERP-ONE software as well as supplemental integrations and topics like Deployment and Training.

Distribution One has helped hundreds of companies successfully navigate these waters and is here to help you on your journey.