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Audit-Proof Your Manufacturing Business with Gage Calibration Management Software

PQ Systems provides quality improvement solutions to help manufacturers optimize process performance, improve product quality, and mitigate supply chain risk. One of those solutions is GAGEpack, a complete gage calibration management system that provides easy access to all of your gage information including usage, calibration schedules, procedures, history, and more. Our trusted gage tracking software will help audit-proof your measurement system and give your team complete device traceability and precise calibration records.

World-Class Gage Management Software Built in the Cloud

Stay organized and maintain gage inventory, measurement systems analysis (MSA) study results, calibrations, and certificates—all in one place. Advantive’s gage management software is designed to save time, reduce variation, and optimize performance by improving the accuracy and management of your measurement devices. With the right tools to maintain a precise record of gages and events, you can quickly meet compliance standards, deliver consistent products, and make continuous improvements. Features include:

Keep gage information organized and easily accessible while ensuring precise records for internal and external device calibrations. Our highly configurable gage management software allows you to view summary information for gage inventory, historical events, and projected workload all in one place, with functionality like built-in reports, alerts, and scheduled due dates.

Gain peace of mind knowing your team has complete device traceability and the precise calibration records necessary to maintain standards compliance of ISO, IATF, FDA, AS, and others. GAGEpack includes all the tools and functionality necessary to maintain compliance with the industry and customer standards that govern the proper way to care for and manage your gages, including:

  • Device traceability
  • Calibration certificates
  • User permissions
  • Audit trail
  • Data validation
  • Secure user login

To help you identify sources of measurement variation, our solution provides the processes and tools you need to generate a complete statistical and graphical analysis of your measurement system.

  • Gage R&R Studies

    GAGEpack allows you to easily perform gage R&R studies for both variable and attribute gage repeatability and reproducibility, calculate the uncertainty of your calibrations, and produce accuracy and stability charts.

GAGEpack easily integrates with label printers and barcode readers to save time and minimize errors.

  • Quickly perform events with barcode readers
  • Compatible with nearly all Windows supported label printers
  • Support for over 80 different types of barcodes

With flexible event scheduling and automated planning options, GAGEpack helps keep your team organized while minimizing administration, manual efforts, and overall costs. You can set up event scheduling with automated gage calibration due dates based on usage or time, as well as automated alerts to ensure you never miss upcoming, past due, or failed gage calibrations.

Instantly organize and access the procedure documentation needed to complete calibrations. GAGEpack is a safe, reliable system used for storing certificates and precise records for internal and external device calibrations. Our calibration records database includes:

  • Calibration templates
  • Electronic data input from measurement devices
  • Remote data entry
  • Automated certificate generation
  • Optional month-end due dates
  • Link external calibration data
  • Calibration trend monitoring
  • On demand calibration procedures

Make it easier than ever to share critical information about your measurement system with GAGEpack. Our flexible gage management software includes over 150 built-in reports and dashboards with intuitive navigation, custom filters, and mobile access.

Maximize Your PQ Systems Software Investment

Learn to optimize your gage management system using GAGEpack with the help of our expert trainers. Whether you’re learning gage calibration best practices or tackling measurement systems analysis, GAGEpack training can be customized to help your organization achieve quality improvement success and a quick return on your investment.

Software Validation At PQ Systems, we offer a Software Validation Guide for GAGEpack to ensure your regulatory requirements are met. The guide provides testing steps and review form templates for major features of GAGEpack that should be considered in the validation process. Contact Us
Validation Consulting If you require customization to match your use case or environment, or simply lack all the resources necessary for validation, we can help. Our experts will come on-site to assist you in the GAGEpack software validation process and ensure your software is correctly configured. Learn More
Customized Training Get the most out of your PQ Systems software investment with convenient and affordable on-site or virtual product training tailored to your needs. Our experienced trainers work directly with your team to construct an agenda that will meet your specific quality initiatives. Learn More

Case Study

Honeybee Robotics Explores Mars with GAGEpack from PQ Systems

Learn how Honeybee Robotics uses PQ Systems to support its gage management system and comply with ISO and AS auditors.

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