Monitoring and Analyzing with Dashboards Using WinSPC Real-Time Statistical Process Control Software | WinSPC Video


On the shop floor, operators use dashboards to monitor and control processes in real-time. They view dashboards at individual stations or on large monitors.

WinSPC dashboards organize and visualize Quality metrics. They can combine statistical summaries, event or activity details, and any of the 60-plus industry standard SPC charts.

Shop-floor dashboards are often setup to automatically:

  • Flash when a shift average or other statistic exceeds a specified value.
  • Or re-sort so at-risk operations are highlighted and prominently positioned.

Shop floor dashboards can even email a manager screenshots and reports when a process changes. Or transmit status to external systems.

Managers and engineers use dashboards to stay updated and as a starting point for analysis. Their dashboards might feature:

  • Events, activities, alarms.
  • Tables of important stats.
  • Cost-reduction opportunities calculated by WinSPC’s patented Cost Inspector.
  • And a wider selection of charts, such as: Pareto charts of assignable causes, pie charts of corrective actions, Box and Whisker plots, or others.

Engineers frequently configure their dashboards so that, with a click, they can…

  • Launch reports
  • Or drill-down to a companion dashboard

  • Or view a characteristic in the Variable Analyzer or Attribute Analyzer—two powerful tools that enable engineers to sort by tag or other criteria, zoom in, and interact with data in additional ways.

A number of dashboards, already configured and ready to use come with WinSPC.

These target vital information needs and include:

  • Comparison views that show the current week or month in relation to an earlier period.

  • Cost-based views that quantify loss related to variation and offset from target.

  • Multi-variate views that provide insight into related processes as a whole.

  • And production summary views that present real-time operation status.

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