$6 Billion Technology Company Purchases QualTrend to Automate Quality Reporting



Statistical Process Control (SPC)



Web-based Quality Reporting Tool Increases Visibility Into Quality Operations

QualTrend, web-based manufacturing intelligence software, was chosen to improve overall visibility into quality operations.

The global technology company specializes in delivering customer relationship solutions, including hardware, software and IT services, to support the retail and financial industry. Its goal in implementing Qualtrend is to improve overall product reliability, increase process efficiency and reduce supply chain and warranty costs by automating repair and quality process feedback and reporting across the enterprise.

The company’s initial implementation of Qualtrend will track and analyze service part repairs from vendors. It projects that monthly reports, which once took engineers days to compile and analyze, will now take a fraction of the time. Quality results will be
reported using two text files: one containing unit level data such as misidentified parts, repeat repairs, sampling and scrap, and a second file capturing component-level data including required repair activity, an inventory of replaced components and technician feedback. This data will be quickly processed and analyzed so that problem areas are identified in real time. Additionally, quality
operation executives will be able to gain a real-time, high-level view of the company’s quality of repair performance.

One reason the company chose QualTrend was for the Pareto chart reporting capabilities which will help categorize problem areas and aid in root cause investigations. By implementing QualTrend software, the company expects to improve repair reporting methods by enabling increased visibility into overall quality operations.

About QualTrend

QualTrend is a web-based quality reporting tool that lets companies transform shop-floor data into enterprise business metrics. It collates data from various sources, presenting an enterprise-wide view into product and process quality, such as:

  • Production yields
  • Corporate-wide maintenance and repair
  • Uptime and downtime by division or
  • Defect-tracking