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President & CEO


Distribution, Fastener Distribution

Our “customer decreased the activity time associated with obtaining parts and applied that time to actual production resulting in annual cost savings of $22,000.”
President and CEO

A-JAX Fasteners and Tools

Founded in 1973, A-JAX Fasteners and Tools is a worldwide distributor of fasteners, consumable products, construction supplies, and tools headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Dedicated to being the premier distributor of these products, A-JAX supports their mission through their associates’ commitment to providing unparalleled service to business partners through the establishment of best-in-class processes.

“To ensure that our business philosophy is supported through evidence of success,” explained the President & CEO of A-JAX, “it was imperative to identify an ERP platform that itself was best-in-class. We found our solution on in ERP-ONE from Distribution One.”

Using ERP-ONE to deliver comprehensive usage data, A-JAX continuously evaluates the changing dynamics of their business partners’ material needs. “For a strategic partner, we provided a 6-month real- me material usage review and recommended eliminating several obsolete items along with rese ng their fastener holdings’ max-min logic. Using our analysis to adjust their opera ng model, our partner achieved a 25% reduction in their inventory asset value and a ROI increase of 3.5%.”

Results like this are common for A-JAX’s partners. “A er a usage by department review for a long term client, we recommended moving from a central stock location to a point of use. The customer decreased the activity me associated with obtaining parts and applied that me to actual production resulting in annual cost savings of $22,000. Enhanced productivity, lower operational costs, higher service levels, and stronger customer relationships—it’s all been attained through our ability to provide continuous real- me data generated through the myriad of programs within ERP-ONE.”

With customers depending upon real-time material usage data to make decisions, A-JAX relies on the accuracy of ERP-ONE.

Several of our largest customers have revealed that our move to ERP-ONE and the ability to share historical and real-time item usage data has reduced their inventory investment, decreased production time, and enhanced their respective customer service levels.