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Action Industrial Group

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Distribution, Fastener Distribution, Industrial Supply

An industrial distributor of fasteners, hoses, gaskets, and construction supplies, Action Industrial Group also provides fabrication services for specialty parts. Based in South Carolina, the company represents major brands like DeWalt®, 3M®, Hose Master, and Dixon.

Having just doubled their number of warehouse locations from three to six, it was evident to the President of Action Industrial Group that some new systems were needed. To keep up with expansion, the company turned to Distribution One’s ERP software system which drove dozens of other productivity boosters and tactics to improve the bottom line.

Distribution One’s software also enabled the automation of Action Industrial Group’s warehousing operation. “We are cycle counting in two of our warehouses, and it works great! We focus on high-volume items to ensure we have the right stock for serving our clients. In addition, we are now servicing customer VMI locations with handheld devices, cutting our time to service these locations in half. That time savings, coupled with the improved accuracy of scanning and electronic order creation, really increases the profitability of our VMI programs.”

As noted by Action Industrial Group’s Office Manager, “We could not have managed this growth without the help of Distribution One’s software.”


“Sales, Purchasing, Accounting—all areas are more highly automated which frees us to handle more business without adding overhead.”



“The additional efficiencies and time savings generated by Distribution One’s ERP software are helping us fund and fuel our expansion.”