Nutrition-Focused Bakery Digitizes Bread Production Process with WinSPC



Statistical Process Control (SPC)


Food & Beverage

A bread company which has made public statements of intent to increase nutrition levels has installed WinSPC. The company uses the system to see charts that uncover interrelation between process factors.

A large bread company is using WinSPC real-time statistical process control to alert staff, in advance, of potential bread deficiencies.

The bakery has made a public statement of intent to reduce the amount of sugars and saturated fats baked into their breads. The company also formally stated it will increase the amounts or nutrients they add, such as whole grains.

The company is successfully up and running with the WinSPC solution, collecting data on the shop floor. Temps from thermometers, color readings from Minolta color readers, and certain PLC data, are captured by the system. This data is captured, in
part, automatically at timed intervals. Together with the KPIs listed above, the bakery captures weight data across 7 bread production
lines. This data is tested against Western Electric rules programmed into the WinSPC system. Data is available for viewing on dashboard displays that offer a visual summary of production health.

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