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A niche distributor in the adhesives market used Inform ERP Software to improve their inventory counts by 70%, setting the stage for future growth. Nearly 60 years ago, Lois and C. Kenneth Zelle started what is now known as Chemical Concepts from the living room of their Philadelphia home. The couple recognized the importance of strategic partnerships as a growth strategy early on and built the business into what is now a leading supplier of adhesives, specialty chemicals and related products. Now, as the next generation steers the company into the future with aggressive growth goals in place, they have turned to DDI System’s suite of distributor software technology to improve their inventory management, forecasting and online sales capabilities.

You’d be hard pressed to find another business like Chemical Concepts. While several adhesive distributors exist across the U.S., most are large corporations operating on high volume. Chemical Concepts employs a mid-sized staff, which includes sales, customer service and warehouse personnel. They’ve differentiated themselves not only through the industries they serve, but also through their expertise.

“We have a reputation around the country in terms of solving solutions,” said Marvin Morris, third generation owner of Chemical Concepts. “People call us when they run into a problem and are looking for another way to put something together not using nuts and bolts.”

“The inventory management is just great. The graphs do an outstanding job of presenting information so you don’t overstock a particular item. It also points out very quickly what your “dead inventory” is or items that aren’t turning quickly.”

In addition to their adhesive business, Chemical Concepts also sells Counterbalance, their own sub-brand of support systems for kitchen elements such as islands or breakfast bars.

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