Clothing Starch Company Irons Out Compliance Process & Expands Digital Lot Tracking.



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An innovative clothing agent company is using WinSPC to comply with safety regulations.

The clothing company is using WinSPC to produce quality reports at scheduled intervals thus automating part of its safety compliance process.

The company is spending less time on tasks related to regulation, freeing up staff to spend more time improving the process.

The company manufactures a product that comes in contact with human skin, so comprehensive, timely compliance with safety regulations is an important bar WinSPC is helping the company clear.

The company has also digitized its products and processes to better gauge quality using WinSPC shop floor software. The selected production lines are monitored by the software. Supervisors and workers are alerted when underlying problems are detected by the software’s SPC tests.

In a capping operation, crimp depth and width are measured and entered into WinSPC for displaying in charts and visualizations. The intelligent charts provide meaningful real-time SPC problem detection.

WinSPC alerts are based on SPC-tests. SPC tests are predictive based on past line performance. WinSPC alerts workers of problems before waste accumulates.

Another place the company saw room for improvement was the reliability of a legacy monitoring system. Sure gauge connectivity was not a reality due to virtual serial port issues on virtual PCs. The WinSPC system can and has been installed on real PCs and gauge connections are more reliable.

The company is doing a few other things with WinSPC:

  • providing supervisors a live grid of line statuses to help manage lines
  • empowering big-time management decisions by providing access to comprehensive plant dashboards
  • using WinSPC to generate a report that automatically calculates a measurement based on two measurements (similar to width x height). The report conveys the capability, or CpK, (productiveness) of the product aspect.

With WinSPC, the clothing agent company has found a way to streamline safety compliance and provide shop floor staff with computer screen updates so they can confront problems before waste piles up. For this and all companies meaning to increase profitability, early detection is key.

About WinSPC Quality Systems

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