Cloud-Based Quality: One-Time Setup Grows with Your Company




A fledgling artisanal snack food producer is facing the best possible problem: people love its products. In its early days, the company got along fine charting processes and quality checks in spreadsheets, but its growing popularity and subsequent rapid expansion have made this manual process unwieldy and inefficient. The management team quickly realized that it needed help to maintain quality and consistency as it keeps up with product demand — and that it would soon need to add new locations around the country.

Proposed Solution
InfinityQS® experts worked with the company’s quality managers to assess the production facilities’ current state of quality management, determine which Quality Management product would best suit the organization’s needs, and identify the areas most in need of a quality check process. The team recommended implementing our cloud-based solution, ProFicient™ On Demand.

This young company has quickly outgrown its manual quality check methods. It needs to maintain product consistency as it deals with rapid expansion to multiple production sites. When we met with the organization’s quality managers, they strongly emphasized the need for process monitoring and quality checks at every step, from receiving through production and packaging. And they need those checks to occur in a standardized way at all facilities.

After talking with the managers, we determined that ProFicient On Demand makes the most sense. The snack maker is eager to employ cutting-edge Quality Management technology, and ProFicient On Demand’s ability to scale with the company’s expanding footprint, provide real-time visibility into manufacturing processes, and collect and store data from all sites for analysis make it the obvious choice.

We set ProFicient On Demand up in the company’s main production facility, using it as a pilot site to assess the architecture and environment. The response from management has been fantastic: They love that we could set up the ProFicient On Demand structure in the main facility just once, and then they can roll it out to other sites simply by adding the new site’s name and process information. They don’t have to repeat the setup process for every site!

Line operators enjoy the same kind of simplicity; they simply select their site and they’re ready to work. And because the instructions for using ProFicient On Demand are identical for each site, the company can keep its training budget under control. The result? Significant time savings for line operators, consistent quality in production, and happy snackers everywhere.