Despite the ongoing disruptions of COVID, Distribution One continues to utilize technology effectively to support the implementation process for new customers. Case in point, we helped Supportworks, Inc. navigate the ERP-ONE+ implementation process during the early days of the COVID through to the successful Go-Live in June. We interviewed the Senior Director of Supply Chain at Supportworks to hear how the remote implementation and training went.


Please share your biggest pain points prior to implementing ERP-ONE+.

“Founded in 2008, Supportworks is a distributor, manufacturer, and support business for home services contractors. Prior to ERP-ONE+, we utilized 3 disconnected systems to manage our inventory, process orders through the warehouse, and accounting. While they worked fine for us initially, we had grown beyond what those individual systems could give us. We needed to find a single, unified platform to take us forward.”


What helped inform your decision to select Distribution One?

“We looked at a lot of solutions. The overriding factor of choosing ERP-ONE+ had to do with the fact that larger companies’ out of the box solutions weren’t a good fit–they would’ve needed extensive customization to work for us. But we saw a lot of that functionality already available within ERP-ONE+.”


Please share your feedback on the remote implementation process.

“On the planning side of things, that wasn’t so much of a departure from how you do things because a portion of the planning was done on site before COVID. We did have virtual training which worked very well. In my opinion, having virtual training provided maybe even more focus because there was more of a captive audience. The Distribution One implementation team did a great job for us and the technology was pretty smooth for our team to use. All of the resources we had virtually were great!”


Did you encounter any unforeseen issues during Implementation or Training? If so, were they resolved to your satisfaction?

“You won’t have an implementation without any issues—but I think that the remote support provided us with better support to deal with them. We had a meeting open all day long with 3 resources ready at all times. If someone was having a conversation with one D1 team member and a user brought a new question into that meeting, then another D1 team member would break off into another room to handle those questions. We were very satisfied.”


Are you satisfied with Distribution One’s remote implementation and Go-Live process?

“I would absolutely recommend Distribution One. I think that the focus and attention we received and the amount of time the team spent with us was extremely important to make sure that we had the smoothest implementation as we possibly could.”


Distribution One thanks Supportworks, Inc. for taking the time to share this experience. We look forward to working with them as they streamline their processes and grow their business through ERP-ONE+ through the coming weeks and months.

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