Dana Corporation Drives Up Supplier Quality with QualTrend


Dana Corporation, an automotive parts manufacturer with sales of $7.2 billion, reported that it used WinSPC to reduce supplier defects per million by 40%, attaining its ROI in less than 6 months.


“QualTrend works with our diverse enterprise systems and those of our suppliers to enable us to monitor supply chain metrics. QualTrend lets us view key performance indicators in an automated balanced scorecard format with drill down capabilities.”

–Steve Joder
Director of Quality
Dana Corporation

Dana Corporation [NYSE: DCN] is a worldwide automotive parts manufacturer for OEMs and aftermarket suppliers with sales of $7.2 billion. Dana’s Traction Technologies group manufactures light duty axle assemblies for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, and vans. Dana has gained significant benefits using QualTrend.


Dana recognized the need to have up to-the-minute supply chain performance metrics available for management and plant-floor personnel to effectively manage its supply chain. Dana was looking for a solution that would provide one-stop decision-making for supply chain, plant and corporate management processes.


Dana chose QualTrend for the following reasons:

    • QualTrend integrates with Dana’s Enterprise-Wide Portal to distill and deliver timely production and quality metrics

    • QualTrend enables the monitoring of supplier performance metrics on a global basis

    • QualTrend provides management and plant-floor decision makers with a ‘dashboard’ of information to enable Dana to focus on the problems rather than searching the data

    • QualTrend globally tracks the quality of Dana’s products as received by its customers

    • QualTrend leverages existing systems, saving the time and cost required to implement a new system


QualTrend enables four Dana facilities to monitor 25 manufacturing, assembly and research operations in 16 countries to provide up-to-the minute supply-chain performance metrics for management and plant-floor personnel to effectively manage their supply chain.


Dana cited the following benefits achieved with QualTrend:

    • Experienced more than a 40 per cent reduction in supplier PPM

    • Attained ROI in less than six months

    • Supported balanced scorecard electronically by automating the aggregation and analysis of data man hours

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