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Agreement Gives Consilium Use of WinSPC to Assure Manufacturing Quality

Consilium, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSIM), the leading independent supplier of manufacturing execution systems (MES), selects WinSPC to provide SPC for its FAB300 automated factory control program.

“We selected WinSPC as the data collection and analysis engine for our FAB300 system as a result of a rigorous analysis,” said Rich Danielson, marketing vice president for Consilium. “We believe that WinSPC is the top-ranking statistical process control software for automated manufacturing and it has the specific features we needed in order to assure quality in the extraordinarily complex world of semiconductor wafer fabrication.”

Consilium’s FAB300 system is a unique integrated solution of software and services that controls and automates the real-time operation of fabs (semiconductor fabrication plants). As the core of its Quality Management Component (QMC™), WinSPC will collect data from process and metrology equipment for instant analysis, making immediate corrective action possible. WinSPC also gives FAB300 a distinct closed-loop advantage – the ability to automatically shutdown processes at risk of violating critical parameters, preventing those processes from producing output that needs to be reworked or scrapped.

Consilium’s FAB300™ is targeted to “measurably improve the efficiency of semiconductor manufacturing,” said Danielson. The built-in WinSPC statistical process control software helps eliminate production errors. Even small percentage improvements can result in huge revenue benefits. Danielson estimates that increasing the output of a major semiconductor factory by only 2% can result in a $100 million increase in annual revenue.

Consilium’s semiconductor customers include such companies as Advanced Micro Devices, Hewlett-Packard Company, Hitachi Semiconductor (America), Hyundai Electronics Industries, LG Semiconductor, Wacker Siltronic, National Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Siemens AG, United Microelectronics corporation, and Winbond Electronics. The Company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. The company’s web address is

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